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Running a travel business? You need a travel company website

Create an online identity and take your travel business to the next level for your travel business using one of this WordPress travel themes. Broaden the scope of your business by creating a travel website.

These travel WordPress themes can be used for creating different kinds of travel websites. Moreover, creating travel WordPress website is so easy that you can do it by yourself.
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Whether you are a travel agent looking forward to creating your website and gain clients online, or a layman trying to make money online through your travel directory. An enthusiastic writer and traveler, wanting to express your thoughts through your travel blogs, or just trying to help out people by creating a travel guide for a particular tourist place. The themes on this page are designed to help you out.

So now you don’t need to hire professionals or designers to get your travel website created. Just grab a theme and create your website in minutes.

Location based travel website + Maps

Travelling is all about locations and places. So create a location-aware travel site that helps people find their vacation destinations.

On such a website you can show flights, hotels, deals, entertainment spots and places to visit the destination. What more? Create a website that helps people find the exact location to the places mentioned on your website with Google maps.

Google maps come integrated with the Travel Directory website template. So you can either go for a slider with images or opt for google map cover for your website. The map will show all the locations on your site with map markers. In addition, you also get a personalized map for each listing location and also navigation search facility.

Allow listing submissions on travel listing website

Increase the amount of useful content and listings on your website with the travel destination website with front-end submission system. In such system, you can allow your visitors to submit their place, hotel, etc.

So your website will act as a way through which such tourist spots can be advertised. Also, the businesses at the tourist place can also add their listings and get themselves advertised.

The listing submission can be free or paid, giving you an opportunity to make money through your travel website.

Importance of Travel websites in 2017

By now, every business is getting online and Internet has become an assured solution for the people. To survive the competition and improve your chances to rank well among the businesses of your domain, you should leave no stone unturned. And the first thing to do is – To create a Travel business website.

The travel business website will not only help your branding by reaching more people. It helps you overcome the limitation of physical locations and boundaries. Not just that, you can make people aware of the kind of services you provide.

Especially, with the travel business websites that displays information about travel destinations and vacation spots, you can help people plan their next vacation. Such travel destination search websites can be monetized by encouraging people to submit a paid listing on your website for their location so that it gets maximum exposure.

Besides, there are innumerable perks of owning a travel website, we’ll discuss them in upcoming sections.

Why buy from us?

There are numerous WordPress travel website templates available in the market. And so it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

However, if you are new to WordPress and want to create an elegant website without spending a lot or hiring professionals and paying them, or waiting for weeks together to get your site created, you can choose one of our WordPress themes for your website.

The following are a few good reasons to prefer our Travel WordPress Themes

Pre-designed and fully functional WordPress themes

Designers are costly to hire. And what may seem most difficult is to explain the design of your imagination to the professional designer and get it implemented in real. Moreover, waiting for them to design your site, correcting them every now and then, can be really stressful.

Therefore, our WordPress themes are pre-designed. And they come with all sort of design options that you can use to make your website look the way you want. Therefore, customization of your website is possible as per your wish.

You can upload your logo, change the colors, background and choose from various other design options to make your site look just the way you plan.

Responsive and Mobile friendly

We strive to provide the best themes that are optimized to look good on any device. Because we know how important each of your visitors is. So that your visitors can flawlessly navigate and find the information they require very easily, a responsive website is a must.

Our themes are designed to look good, regardless of the device that a customer uses to view it.

Highly customizable, Infinite opportunities

With our WordPress themes, we provide you all the opportunities to implement your creativity. Just because it is pre-designed and pre-programmed, doesn’t mean that you are restricted.

In the admin dashboard of the theme, you will find enough options to manage your site and make it behave the way you want. Even if you are not a programmer, you can adjust the functions of your website, just by using the intuitive options.

SEO friendly

SEO is a subject that cannot be ignored if you are about to create your website. We always advise our clients to go with SEO friendly themes. And so, we believe in creating themes by following all the SEO standards.

So, your theme files will take care of themselves, you just have to make sure that the content you add to your website is optimized and helps the visibility of your travel destination site.

Do It yourself

Last but not the least, you will be able to create your website by yourself. That is, in fact, our motto. To help people create their websites on their own, without relying on others.

Therefore, our themes come with intuitive options. And you won’t even have to tweak a line of code to change the basic settings of your website. This is the beauty of WordPress.

These themes are just like the mobile apps that you use. Install with a single click, insert the sample data with another click and you have a ready-to-use website, live. All you’re supposed to do is to update your site with your original content.

Documentation and support

Besides, you will be provided with complete documentation on how you can use the options to create a website of your desire. The theme guide consists of all the step by step process through which you can get your site created.

However, if the guide doesn’t help you, we have an excellent support team to help you. If you are confused at some point, you can create a support ticket and let us know what’s troubling you. The support engineers will get back to you as soon as possible with a relevant answer.

What type of websites you can create with our Travel WordPress themes

In our theme collection, we have multiple themes that you can use for creating different travel website. The following are some of the most common types of websites you can create.

Travel Blog websites

Share your travel stories with the world by creating a travel blog website. You can write about the places you’ve been, your experiences, and your reviews. Start your own travel blog website with one of our best WordPress themes for travel websites.

Travel Locations directory

For people looking for places to go and spend their vacations. Or for the travelers venturing out for new adventures, you can create a travel destination directory.

This way, people can come to your website and have a look at all the places you’ve mentioned/described. These directories can be location based, for instance – A travel directory website for Australia, a travel website for beaches in California, etc.

Travel agent’s website

Such themes work great for travel agents who run a business related to tourism. You can create a business website where you list all your business details, working hours, contact info, etc. Besides that, you can also add listings for different places so that your clients can choose their ideal vacation venue through your site.

What content can you show on a travel website

Decided to create your travel website, but wondering what will it stand for. Well, below are a few details that you must display on your travel WordPress website.

Business pages to introduce your business

If you are a travel agent running a travel business website, you will need some pages to tell your visitors about your business. With these pages, you can let people know your business terms, services, and operational details.

Contact form

Let the curious visitors reach you instantly. This can be made possible by displaying a contact form on your website. Don’t forget to put the link to your contact form on the menu. Your visitors can use this contact form and send you all their queries.

Show tours and places

Thankfully, our Travel Directory WordPress theme or even the tour blog themes allow extensibility. You can create unlimited pages and show all the tours and places you want to show.

With these features, you can create different post types in your travel directory. For instance, you can have custom fields for hotels in the area, places to go, car rental services in the area, etc. You can create text pages on how they can reach a certain destination.

Effective navigation

What matters the most for any kind of website is the ease of navigation. The visitors coming to your site should be able to find out the information they are seeking for as easily as possible.

This happens when you have a very organized site. With all the links placed at right places, and well-planned menu and sub-menus. The relevant links should be quickly accessible and directly accessible through the homepage options.

Why should you write Travel blogs

Maintaining blogs is a great hobby. Besides, there are so many advantages of doing so. Below mentioned are the few of many good reasons to create your blog site.

Guide the travel enthusiasts

Tell people about your passion to travel and your observations and belief. When you write about the places you have been to, it becomes helpful to the travel enthusiasts. Based on the views you’ve expressed on your blog, people will be able to judge if they want to go to a place or not.

People trying to plan their next vacation can land on your blogs and find out a place that suits them.

Describe the beautiful places you’ve seen

With your website, you can tell people about the beautiful places you’ve been to. You can even go for professional travel blogging and contribute as a guest author to other blogs.

Writing blogs is a good practice anyway, it improves your writing skills, plus, you can tell people stories about yourself. Moreover, with the comments on your blogs, you can interact with people of similar interest too.

Display advertisements and earn

With any kind of website, you can make money by displaying advertisement banners. On your travel WordPress website, you can display a variety of advertisements on different parts of the website.

Our WordPress themes for travel websites come equipped with widgets for posting advertisements. All you need to do is to paste the HTML code for the advertisements into this widget and place it on your website.

Pour your heart out, it feels perfect!

If not for any profit, or any other business benefits, you can create blogs for your satisfaction. Telling stories is an art and if you want to share your travel experiences with people at large, you should do it.
Sharing your experiences with people and getting people’s reviews and comments on it feel great.

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