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WordPress Themes for Travel

If you are looking for a WordPress theme for upcoming traveling based websites, look no further. Here is the best collection of travel WordPress themes that you can use to create websites for your for Travel Agencies, hotels, tourism websites, travel blogs, etc.

All these travel themes are affordable, customizable and easy to use. You won’t need to hire experts to get your travel related website created. Moreover, all the niche travel WordPress themes come with all the required features inbuilt. No need to buy any extra plugin for your travel website.

Even though this is a list of multipurpose travel based themes, you will find that each theme is unique. Click on “View Details” to know about the theme you like.

Responsive Travel WordPress themes

Both Google and your users like Responsive WordPress Theme for your websites. Therefore, we only have responsive themes for your travel related websites. These mobile-friendly travel themes let you create a travel site that looks beautiful on any device it is viewed on.

Even on mobile devices, these premium travel WP themes offer unambiguous navigation, clean view and quality user experience. You cannot afford to lose your mobile users,. So with responsive travel themes, you can ensure an impressive user experience.

Launch your travel website in minutes

The travel WordPress themes listed here are easy to use and customizable. These travel themes come with a 3 step website launch features. The three steps to be followed: Installation, customize and upload your data. These themes fit for the hotel, airline booking, hotels, transfers, rental cars, Room booking and other features.

All these features are inbuilt and ready to use. The web page layouts for these travel themes can be changed using the intuitive options available at the backend. Therefore, you can get started with your travel site in just minutes. Website building was never this effortless.

User-friendly travel themes

The interface of these travel themes is designed to ensure an excellent user experience. Because the comfort of your website users should always be your priority when creating a website. Be it a travel blog, a tourism website, or a website for a travel agency. The user experience always matters.

Our travel templates for WordPress sites come with an eye-pleasing design. The layouts are designed to eliminate distractions and let the visitors focus on the content. Besides, the navigation features are specially designed so that your users can find the page they are looking for easily. Also, the mobile-friendly travel theme design makes your sites more user-friendly.

Easy to use and customizable

The themes listed here are ready to use travel templates for specific travel and flight booking functionality. These travel WordPress themes are highly flexible and easy to use.

Using these travel website designs, you can create your website on your own. No need to search for programmers or appoint a web design team to create and maintain your travel agency website.

With the intuitive options available at the backend panel of these travel themes, you can create your website easily and manage it on your own. Create various categories, such as type, price, location etc. Build beautiful travel websites with customizable home page. You can, on your own, set up a reservation system that allows the client to book flights, hotels, transfers, rental cars or any travel website in general.

Kind of travel website that you can create using WordPress

Since the travel website templates are really easy to use, you can create any travel website in general with these WordPress travel themes. However, our travel themes are specialized for following travel related websites.

1.Travel blogs

If you want to launch your own travel blog to share your travel expeditions, you can pick up from one of these awesome travel blog themes. Because instead of looking for travel blogging platforms, it is great to have your own travel blog.

These responsive themes for travel blogging are professionally designed. These travel blog themes are crafted beautifully with easy options to let you create your own travel website.

Through your travel blogs, you can write about the places you have been to, food experiences, adventures and travel stories.

For straightforward travel blogs, you can choose from among one of the travel blog themes in the list. The travel blog templates have all the blogging features and facilities without any extra features that may confuse you.

Moreover, our travel themes are SEO friendly which makes them best for travel blogging.

2.Travel Directory

With location-based online directory websites becoming popular each day, you might want to create your own travel directory. To do so, you can choose from one of our directory style WordPress travel themes to get started.

Here in this collection, we have some awesome travel directory themes. You can create a tourism website with different travel locations and tourist spots.

You can create a hotel directory for your destination with pricing, ratings and much more. Or you can create WordPress directory website for top honeymoon destinations. The possibilities for travel directories are unlimited.

Use the WordPress directory theme or the directory software for map-based travel directory with reviews. Alternately, you can also pick one of the directory themes or real estate theme or property listings for your online travel directory.

3.Travel tourism WordPress themes

Tourism websites are an all-time popular trend. Create a WordPress travel site for your country, homeland, city to promote the Tourism, handicrafts & handlooms worldwide. On such websites, you can show information about places, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Besides, you can also advertise the best tour package through these kinds of themes. Ultimately, the intention of such websites is to promote tourism and tell people about a particular place.

This place can be a city, an island, a country, a hill station, a resort, some kind of theme park, etc. These tours and travel themes come with all the inbuilt features to let you flaunt the attractions at your location.

From this best collection of travel themes, the travel WordPress theme is the best tourism related WordPress theme. Besides, you can even use the locations directory theme for a larger tourism website (probably for locations across the country or a state).

4. Travel Agency websites

There are many corporate and business themes available in the WordPress market. However, if you want to create a website for your travel agency business, the requirements are totally different.

Here is the Travel Agency Themes to run an Online Travel Agency (OTA). With these travel agencies themes, you can create a website for a sales agency specializing in travel packages and deals. These dedicated travel agency themes come with all the features that you need to create a professional looking website.

So you can create a website with all the specialized travel agency functions, without writing a line of code. You can be your own website manager and manage and maintain your travel agency website on your own.

SEO friendly Travel WordPress themes

All the Travel themes by Templatic are coded with strict SEO standards. Therefore a travel website created with these travel website templates are sure to perform well on the search engine. We try our best to craft our themes optimally so that Google loves your website.

Moreover, you can use the popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or All-in-One SEO pack for optimizing your pages. These plugins can help you check the SEO friendliness of the content you add while creating your pages. For travel blogs, you can use the Yoast SEO and it will help you with readability and SEO optimization of all your individual posts.

Therefore, with our SEO optimized travel WordPress theme, you get the best of both the worlds.

Travel themes with eCommerce features

More and more people rely on the internet now to search and book their travel destinations. Besides bookings, there can be many other eCommerce features that a travel WordPress theme can have.

However, this list of WooCommerce compatible templates for travel agencies, blogs, vacation homes, hotel booking themes. eCommerce features on your WordPress travel website templates add new opportunities to your website.

For instance: If you are creating a travel website with events, you can sell its tickets using WooCommerce. Besides, you can even sell some souvenir using the WooCommerce store features.

Widgetized page layouts

When you are buying a pre-designed travel template, you might want to personalize it as per your requirements. Thus, all of our travel themes come with widgetized designed to let you rearrange the content blocks of your website.

You can reorganize the homepage of your travel website by moving the widgets in and out of the widget areas. Besides, these themes come with some ready to use page templates to create your web pages.

The sidebars of travel homepage and landing page, are all widget ready. So you can use these sections to display prominent information on your website.

Help is just around the corner

When you purchase the WordPress travel themes, you get free support and theme updates for a year. These travel website templates are easy to use and customize and the theme guide makes it more easy to use.

Theme Documentation:

The primary help for your WordPress travel template is in form of theme guide. It consists of all the documented steps on how to install the theme and customize it. Besides, there are directions on how to use the theme features.

Besides, it also addresses some of the frequently asked questions about a particular travel theme. So even if you are a beginner with no technical expertise, you can create your website on your own with this theme guide.

Technical support:

With the purchase of our Travel website template, you get one-year free support. This means that, if you have any queries that are not addressed by the theme documentation, you can use the support.

Use the contact form to get in touch with our technical support executive. The technical support experts will get back to you as soon as possible. They will respond back with a suitable solution. Therefore, you can take help from the team who developed the theme.

Translation ready travel WordPress themes

Localize your WordPress travel websites using the, .po and .mo files available with your travel themes. The Travel directory theme supports the integration of the WPML plugin. Therefore, you can create a website for tourism that can be translated into different languages.

Frequently asked questions

How long can I use the Travel WordPress theme?

You can use your travel WordPress theme forever. However, the theme updates and support are limited to one year of purchase. Therefore, after a year, you can still continue using your travel website script without support and updates.

Where can I host my travel blog website?

You can choose the hosting for your travel blog website based on your requirements. You need to take many factors into considerations like the expected traffic, server location of your choice, etc. However, we recommend, WordPress optimized Bluehost hosting for your travel website.

Can I upload videos to my travel blog?

Sure. All of the travel themes listed here support video uploads. Therefore, you can create travel websites, or a video travel portfolio with high-quality videos.

What version of WordPress can I use these travel themes on?

Our WordPress travel themes are always updated to fit the latest WordPress version. The travel themes work well with the current and latest version of WordPress.

Can I display advertising banners on my WordPress travel theme?

Yes, you can display advertising banners on any and all WordPress travel themes listed here. The advertisement banners can be shown using the widgets. They enable you to display text, graphic, or video advertisements anywhere on your website. You can even opt for advertising services like Google AdSense.

How customizable are the travel WordPress themes?

All the travel WordPress themes listed here are highly customizable. You can easily personalize your travel site by changing colors, choosing fonts, and uploading your own logo. For advanced customizations, you can use the custom CSS or directly update the theme files. travel agencies, blogs, vacation homes, hotels