WordPress Themes for Video Hosting

The Rise of Video Themes

The high-quality WordPress Video Theme Page provides clients who require posting/sharing videos.

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These may be derived from You Tube, Vimeo, and other video sites available online. Also, one can get from all the visitors to the page.

As a result, there are more subscribers. These include improved trafficking, decreased bouncing.

The Videography Template Page is flexible because it is compatible for all operating systems across all platforms. Even the publishing of the video is simplified.

Cost is Basic $49 for 1 domain and Premium $99 for 5 domains.

Rise of Video Themes in 2017 and Beyond

WP allows users to publish a wide variety of multimedia including video. The client’s own self-created content can be directly uploaded and shared or published. This is possible using own videos directly to WordPress by using media manager.

There is also a possibility of creating a site like YouTube for various different categories. The user can accept uploads to host own collection of videos.

HTML5 Player

Earlier, multimedia was used by a handful of people who consumed online content because of slow internet connections and flash. The web technology has improved considerably. HTML5, faster connections, online video content have paved the way to popularity of net use.

Also, there is streaming services like Netflix that has ended in traditional cable services. People are spending time on Twitch, YouTube and others. This is the best time for creating multimedia content or hosting other people.

There has been advent of cell phones and enhanced internet expansion in 2017. The advanced technology is made for all devices.

Mobile Friendly

The template Video Themes was created for mobile handset, PC, Mac and other desktop displays. Hence there is complete compatibility with all devices, the OS and platform. This allows users to independently publish own content.

Users easily display easily by copy-paste method or by embedding codes directly into posts. Also, users can upload the video directly to the website. The built-in HTML5 player is used in the same site for sound production.

The video website template has a front-end multimedia submission form. This allows registered members to provide videos. Hence, it is easy for all visitors to add directly from YouTube, Vimeo and other embedded sources. Also, user can send their own stuff published through their site. This is all possible because of submit page template that is accessible to all.

Why to Buy from us

The video blog wp theme can be customised easily. The widgets are for managing and customising the desired requirements. The featured sliders are for easy drag-drop. Site can handle all media namely text content, video, audio used single or in combination.

These can be managed, created into categories/sub categories. User can add images, videos, other media and post quickly and efficiently. The user can encourage visitors using dynamic comments. These can be managed with advanced category functions. While writing, user can make parent/child categories/ subcategories.

Highly Customizable

User has the option to make latest/most viewed and most comments. Hence, with the WordPress real-time customizer tab user can change appearance of the website. User can alter colours dynamically. View the real-time of the site and test for response.

The customised options are Custom logo, management/customisation of header, body, background images. Also, control of the Google fonts and sizes. There is the killer widget arsenal, latest posts and with multimedia content

User can display videos in grid or list view. There are thumbnail view and featured image of the latest ones from any selected categories. These can be displayed as list/grid. There is the display related and popular content with a series of tabs.

How to Make Money with this Theme:

Theme is available with fully, compatible WooCommerce, free advanced ecommerce plugin, for making online store with guarantees. User has to install the WordPress plugins tab present on the dashboard.

All the plugins are fully compatible and have support. User has to create the thumbnails. These should be used to make a thumbnail/featured image based on the content that is embedded. The plugin works with popular video sharing websites are automatically made in YouTube.

User has to install the YouTube Gallery plugin for displaying the videos from specific YouTube channel. The WPML is for showing the content Powered website in several languages and translating to all.

Lead Capture:

Users can have visitors to contact the site. There is Gravity Forms or Form 7 used for quickly setting up the inquiry form for visitors to connect with the owner of the site.

This is possible by inserting the form in any page or posting on the site using SEO Plugins.

The WP SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack are readily available. Also, Search Engine Optimization is essential for ranking the site. Friendly advice is to add rich bits and pieces to the videos for maximum Google exposure.

There is a CSS editor for creating unique WP theme. The changes are saved and protected in database. Thus, they do not get erased or changed and can be easily shared on social media.

Each video detail page within the template is user friendly because they are easy to use, non-obtrusive social sharing buttons. They can be used and shared over different social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This template can be used when user wants visitors to see the content with no distraction. The sidebar widgets doe not display on the pages when full-width is selected.


We conclude that best wordpress video themes can be created easily using copy-paste /drag-drop. These are managed through widgets for posting. Template are uniquely created.

User can use WooCommerce for ecommerce. Main purpose is posting and sharing videos. Software is compatible with all modern devices, operating systems and platforms.

Price basic is $49 for a single domain with lifetime usage license and 1 year of support on themes updates. Premium is $99 and this allows visitors to submit videos also. There are upto 5 domains installations. Also, there is lifetime usage license with 1 year of theme updates and support.

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