Sometimes, it happens with us that at the time of upgrading or Installing the theme, we may come across some of the unwanted  & unexpected things that just make us go scream loudly!

But wait, many times these situations arises because either we are not following the things correctly or are totally unaware of actual concepts.

Here, we have just tried to save you from the panic situation by showing the way how to handle such unexpected things.

1) Blank Screen

It happens when some unexpected is encountered. To know that what exactly went wrong, first of all you should print the error (fatal error) in your browser screen instead of blank screen.To do that follow below steps,

  • Go to you active WordPress folder > wp-config.php
  • There will be a method defined define('WP_DEBUG', false);
  • Just write True at the place of false
  • Refresh your site’s front end.
  • This will activate the debug mode & then you will be able to see the exact error in the exact file in your browser screen.
  • Also, you can add the code “error_reporting(E_ALL);” in functions.php file in your particular Theme folder for the same above purpose.
2) Fatal error

After activating the debugging mode (Refresh your site front end), now you will be having the fatal error (warning) displayed there along with the file name & line number where it has been encountered.

Generally, it occurs when due to any reason, the same function or class name is used at more than one place/file. So, to rectify it,

  • Go to the files which are written in the error & locate the function/class that are used more than single time using the “Line Number” mentioned in the error. 
  • add the code for class if(!class_exists('class_name')){  OR for functions if(!function_exists('function_name')){  above the line number shown in the error
  • Save the file & refresh your site. It must be working now!
3) style.css file is missing!

The common reason for this error is limitation of the file size download. So, to avoid it, you can use the FileZilla while uploading the theme folder to your site. This will solve the problem of downloadable size limit.

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These errors are the subject to the solution & so they are not permanent one. Still we provide you the information as a part of the awareness. if still the problem persists, create a new ticket through Contact us and we’ll help you out.