We generally receive mails of clients who get strange “?” sign instead of any character while translating the theme in to their local language. This is because there is a special character used like ş, ğ, é, etc…

You need to use a friendly code for that character. First, you will need to find the place or file where it is placed. You can use these links for getting the friendly code – Link1 , Link2.

Links for Chinese characters: Link1, Link2.

For example: If you are getting “?” for “Í” then its code is “Í”.  So replace your character with this code.

We would also recommend to select “collation as utf8_general_ci” in your database for all the fields of all your tables. This is because when a user of your site will give some special characters from any input field like text-box then you won’t get error for this characters too.

If you are having any difficulties in finding the locations of the text in the theme then we would suggest you to use “Firebug” add-on used with Firefox browser. Links:Link1 , Link2.