Recurring charges is one of the very useful feature of  many Templatic Themes. Basically it serves the purpose of charging your clients at the regular interval automatically! And the main thing is that you can add it on each of your price package individually!

But how does it work?

It will not be at the same place in all the themes depending on the Theme design like in Tevolution plugin based Templatic Themes, it will be in Tevolution -> Monetization -> Price Package but majorly, there will be the 4 common things, important for charging your user successfully at the regular interval,

  1. The main billing period of your price package
  2. Enabling recurring function by selecting “Yes” in its field
  3. Then, define the period after which the user will be charged automatically in its sub field “Billing Period”
  4. Then, define how many times you want this recurring to occur? but here you need to do this with respect to the main price package billing period!
  5. And yes, don’t forget to save your settings.

For Example: If your price package’s main billing period is 3 months and you want to charge your user till its end then write “2” as your maximum time billing occurrence cycle because in 1st month, payment will be considered as the initial action but the automatic payment will be charged for 2 times after that and hence we have to write 2 in that field as the word “recurrence” means occurring again. In short, recurrence will not count the initial payment and will exactly charge the user for the maximum time you have defined.


Let’s understand it with GeoPlaces theme example.


You can charge your user with this feature of “Recurring Charges” only with the “Paypal” payment gateway and not with any other! 

This feature is available in the following themes,

Tevolution Based Themes Others Themes
Emblem Real Estate version 2
Directory Realtr
5 Star JobBoard version 2
Vacation Rental Events version 2
Hotel Booking

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