Directory Websites In Local Languages And With Multi Language Options

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Directory theme comes with PO files for localization of the website and WPML compatibility. These are the websites that have made use of these localization options to create a directory in local language or in multiple languages.

  • Haunted_Houses,_Hotels

    FOODroute VENLO

    Food Directory

    The cuisine website offers the listing of restaurants, food deals, food blogs, etc for multiple cities of Netherlands. The site allows registration and submission of the listing. It is a translated website and has made the best use of the theme features.

    Make a local directory for your place, in your language and faciliate the people by ease of accessing the information related to their city at one place, in their own language.

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  • We_Love_Koh_Chang

    We Love Koh Chang

    Travel Directory

    We Love Koh Chang is a tourist guide for the place, that offers the facility for online reservation and other travel guidance. It contains information about the Restaurants, beaches, accommodation, Things to do, hotel booking etc.

    Purpose: The welovekohchang website is a travel guide that allows the users to submit accommodation or business listing and also allows hotel booking.

    Juan Carlos “Templatic Travel theme has provided a great platform for adding useful content for our users.” Darren Hurley, Web Designer & Blogger

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  • Haunted_Houses,_Hotels

    Eventi Bsergamo

    Events Directory

    Eventi, is an events site that lists the events of the place. The front-end user can use this site to post their events. The most interesting thing about this site is that it can be viewed in multiple languages like Japnese, Arabic, Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian and Afrikaans.

    It is really good to have your users click on a button and the whole site gets translated in their local language. The wpml compatibility of directory theme lets you make this possible. Create a multi-lingual directory, and make it possible for people to choose the language they’re comfortable with. This definately will increase your site traffic and useablility.

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  • MiPuntoMap_Ocio_cultura


    Business Directory

    It’s a city portal for the city of Guadalajara where all the users can find all the information related to the city at once. The revenue is earned by advertisement banners and selling the movies and events tickets.

    Purpose: By setting up a city guide you are not just helping the local people to find all their needs at one but also earn enough by applying monetization strategies to the site and gradually making it a commercial success too.

    Juan Carlos “I was benefited by the SEO friendly Templatic Directory theme.Juan Fernandez

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  • | directory extensions


    Business Directory is a advertising and printing company registered SIGNJET Graphics Printing , is established to connect consumers and businesses in the areas . Record business is open to all companies and customers of publisher advertising business.
    Purpose : A very simple site that can help your business growth can be set up using the theme so that your clients can trust you by having enough information about you online.

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  • Food and Beverage Directories


    Food Directory

    Cheese making Small family farm with goats’ cheese own ! If you are looking for organic farm products, then you went to the address , because it is engaged in manufacturing of their family .

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  • El Maestro Del Presente

    Non-profit/Events Directory

    The website is a translated one in Dutch language. is owned and managed for SIRD which is a non profit organization.

    The website lists all the events related to the institution. It is an informative website with events and galleries without front end submissions and any kind of monetization. Since it is dedicated to events and activities related to the institute, user registration and submission systems are totally removed from the site.

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  • Video Directory


    Food Directory

    Rozenburg is a green village in the middle of Rotterdam port industry . Officially Rozenburg since spring 2014, a government commission area , or suburbs of Rotterdam . But in his heart every Rozenburger feels normal inhabitant of the village. A green village with a rich history.

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  • Ceskoslaskou

    Niche Directory is a translated directory website to support the sales of agricultural and crafts products in Czech republic. It is a directory with listings as well as events. The niche directory website is customized to fit its purpose.

    It is a simple yet straightforward website with little customizations and advertisement banners and paid front end submissions.

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  • Food and Beverage Directories

    Find Shop Hong Kong

    Translated Location Directory

    Find Shop is a beautiful translated directory for Hong Kong. This is a multi-city directory created using the spotfinder Directory theme. Since it is the local directory for finding locations within Hong Kong, it is translated to their local language that is chinese, and thereby increases its value and usability for the local people.

    For monetization, it uses simple ad banners and Google AdSense, etc. This website serves as a central information system where the visitors can find resources about shops, good food, and events.

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  • Kilimili Classifieds

    Classifieds Directory

    Kilimili is a translated classifieds website in the German language. The website is simple, without any advanced customizations over the theme.

    This classifieds directory allows both, free and paid ad submissions on the website. It has a view all listings feature that allows the visitors to view all the submitted advertisements at one place.

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  • Food and Beverage Directories

    Ristoranti Ticino

    Cusine Directory

    Ristoranti Ticino is a multi-language ready cuisine directory website. Besides, the website is also multi-city ready.

    This website is a beautiful example of how you can use the features of the directory website to create a global website for different languages and places. There are no advanced customizations over the basic theme, but the site is elegantly user-friendly and feature packed to be rated as one of the best online cuisine directories.

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  • Ukrainian Game Developers Job Board

    Job Board Website

    The Ukrainian gamedev Job board is a translated website using the Job Board theme. It lets the users search for the job, post a job and publish resume. The design in simple but intuitive. All the important options and filters are handy so that visitors don’t have to waste time to find them.

    Without major customizations, the website serves its purpose of a multipurpose job board and resume directory. The job board website in the Russian language is helpful for the local people to find jobs as well as employees.

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  • Cine industry directory website

    Cine Industries

    Cine Industries is a translated website created with the Yellow Pages Directory theme. With a few color customizations, the website looks beautiful and fit for it’s purpose.

    The directory is translated to spanish and is about the technicians, audiovisual companies, and production houses in Spain. The listings are divided among a wide variety of categories.

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