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Wordpress Ecommerce Themes – Now Buy and Sell Online Easily

E-commerce website has taken over the traditional(physical) markets and occupied a part in our day to day life. This is because it is more convenient method of exposing your products to a large range of audience eliminating the limitations of physical location.

Ecommerce website can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

How is the ecommerce website beneficial?

Market at finger tips –
By creating an ecommerce website you are essentially providing your users a market in their phone/PCs. People find it more convenient to buy through their phones rather than sparing their time and visiting the market to buy the product.

Best deals at one point –
The uniformity of the price is maintained while selling the online. This is because it is very easy to comparing the price and finding out the best deal while shopping online.

Wide range of products –
You can sell innumerable products under innumerable categories.

Constant availability –
When you own an ecommerce website, it is constantly available, 24X7 for 365 days. No matter if it’s a day, weekend, holidays, etc. Your store is constantly available. Serving its buyers even in the middle of the night. Your business will continue even when you’re fast asleep.

No staff management –
Your online store won’t require any salesperson to explain your products to your customers. The product pages will do that for you. However, running a website will definitely require you to hire some support staff as well as data entry workers. But recruiting them will be far more economical than hiring salespersons and managers.

Price Comparison –
The conscious buyers who want to get the products at the fairest price, like to assess the price of same product at different places. When they’re buying online, they can just visit different ecommerce website and check price and description of the product they wish to buy. This is far better than going from shop to shop and interacting with real people to know the price.

Product variety –
Online stores can have millions of products. There is no limitation of adding products, therefore your website can have a large range of product models and the users get to choose the one they really like.
Must have features for the ecommerce websites

Wishlist/add to favorites –
this is one of the feature that will help you boost the sales on your ecommerce website. For example – If a person is visiting your website and

User Management –
A proper user management and tracking system is must for an ecommerce website. It is very important to know the user statistics and their preference. So the system that allow this or a system add-on that allows users management and usage analysis is always beneficial – in a number of ways.

Proper reporting and analysis –
All the products and transactions are recorded into the databases which can be easily backed up. It is very easy to generate reports from these databases for the analytics.

Product variants –
The modern ecommerce websites are designed to beautifully shows the product variant. For example – While buying shoes, you can decide the size you want from the available variants. While buying a couch, you can decide the color and texture of it and pay the price accordingly. For an ecommerce website, showing product variants is a good

Simple checkout –
The payment processing should be very easy. No user likes to indulge into a complicated payment process to buy a simple product. Ecommerce websites are meant to make things easier for the users. So, there’s absolutely no point in creating a complicated system. Avoid complicated registering systems that may tire out the users while maintaining the security. Go for a system that makes the authentication and payment processing the easiest for your buyers.

Local currency support – Convenience of your customers should always be the aim of your website. To make it easy for the users to understand the products and payment procedure, it is very important that whatever platform or theme you choose for your ecommerce website

Proper categorization – When the products are properly distributed among the categories, the users can find them very easily. Also, they can view all the products that fall under that category and make better decision. Proper distribution of the products also helps you keep everything organized. So, take your time to figure out the categories and subcategories that your products will fall under.

Related Products –
Majority of the e-commerce websites have the feature that shows the related products in the sidebar or below the content area. This is a great way to draw attention of the users to the products that they may like based on the product they are viewing. This also ensures that the user, if not happy with the product he is viewing, will not leave the website. Instead he will be shown the list of similar products he can buy instead.

Always choose a theme that has the following features

Responsive View –
Ecommerce websites are popular because they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is very important to create a website that renders beautifully in mobile devices. Some of the best ecommerce website also provide you with a dedicated app with easy navigation and custom designed interface for mobile devices. Such apps are also enabled to notify the users when there are sales, or new stock arrival.

Secure theme –
Choose a theme that is safe and secure for creating your ecommerce website. Because and ecommerce website involves extensive transactions. Therefore, it needs to be properly managed and maintained.

Flawless navigation, filtering and search system –
These all factors equate to the ease of search. The motto is – when a prospect customer comes to your website with a product in his mind, he is able to find them instantly.

A clear navigation system with probably a mega menu with quick links to the categories and subcategories. Proper filtering and sorting options that the visitors can use to streamline the results. And a search box that lets the users enter the keywords and instantly search the products they want.

Order and transaction management –
The larger your ecommerce website, the more orders and transactions you have to manage. Your ecommerce system should have a proper admin panel that lets you view, update and manage the orders and transactions.

Tax and discount management – One of the main aspect of ecommerce transactions is taxation and discount. WordPress Ecommerce plugin like WooCommerce has a great way to manage tax and allow discount on the products. So, choose a system that lets you manage this without complicating anything.

Content Management –
Ecommerce websites, apart from selling products, can have other beneficial functions too. Choose a platform and theme that lets you set the pages of your website on your own terms. You will need to create many pages like about, contact, privacy policy, terms and conditions for refund and returns, size charts, etc.

Some of the ecommerce websites also maintain their blogs. It is a great way to acknowledge the customers with the latest information regarding your website or just letting them know the current trends.

Attractive banners and high resolution images –
As much as we hate to admit it, we do judge the books by the cover and a website by its homepage. So, for any website, the homepage plays an important role. Pick up a theme that is attractive, with beautiful banners that lets you display your product images and even link it.

The next thing that is very, very important is the product image. All the users know about a product on your online shop is the details on the product detail page and the product picture. So, it is vital to have pixel perfect images of your product from different dimensions.

Review and comment management –
Customers’ reviews and ratings are important, and almost every ecommerce facility allows you to have this feature. While your customers are free to leave their comments, it becomes necessary to monitor it.

Monitoring it does not(at all) mean that you delete the negative comments and publish the positives one’s, but you definitely would want to get rid of spam, repetitive or erroneous comments from your product page.

Speed –
Who like to wait when it comes to online shopping? No one. The page loading time and the speed of your website is one of the contributing factors for a wonderful user experience.

The competition is intense and the customers won’t hesitate to switch to another website if they find your website annoying.

Tips for a successful WordPress ecommerce websites

These are some very minor points that may lead to grand success of your website. Basically, these are things that users appreciate about a website when they are shopping online.

Make a website that is easy to search
Provide your users with an easy checkout
Make the checkout SSL secure and let the users know about it
Promotional sales and discounts
There are some very smart tools that can boost user experience and convenience
Keep a track of your sales and performance of a product
Promote on relevant platforms
Use lively graphics and pleasant colors for your website
Let your banner and products images be optimized and high resolution
Provide categories right on the homepage (You can use a megamenu, category banners, etc)
Insist on making your product detail page most informative
Find out and eliminate any information that may confuse your customers
Insist on keeping products with good reputation
Properly state the return policy
Keep the buyer updated on their products status

There are certain other things you can be careful about. Like timely and careful delivery, useful and easy to access customer support service,

WordPress and ecommerce

WordPress is often regarded as a blogging platform. However, it is just as good for the ecommerce purpose too. The following are the few best advantages of using WordPress for your online store.

WordPress is easy to install and use
Very flexible platform with intuitive options to control the look and behaviour of your ecommerce shop
Has some of the best plugins and add-ons to support ecommerce
Unlimited themes to choose from
Ensuring security of your website using WordPress is simple. You can implement the SSL secure payments and use a very secure payment gateway. Choose the theme from credible providers.

Few of the WordPress Ecommerce Website Examples:


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