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WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Why wait to create your real estate website?

Welcome to the collection of our sleek and detailed real estate themes to create websites.

You can choose from the above listed real estate directory templates or try out this real estate directory software to create your real estate website in just minutes.

These are ideal for real estate agencies, Estate broker’s, or real estate listings directory. The themes are MLS/IDX compatible so that you can create the best of real estate websites to represent your properties online. [expand title=”Read More” tag=”a”]

Create a website with the scope that you desire. With these Real Estate WordPress theme, you can create a website of your choice. Be it a mini website for displaying your property on sale, or a grand property directory with multiple listings from different agents and brokers. You can even create a website for your agency using these themes. So, you are in complete control here.

Below listed are a few types of real estate website that you can create with our real estate directory templates.

Single property as well as multi-listing website

A single property website is the one that is dedicated to a single property. For example – a website that describes the owner’s house on sale. Such websites are generally very small with a very few pages. Or a website for a newly constructed apartment, that shows the designs, plans, and details of each of the flats.

Multi-listings Real Estate websites

These are generally the estate agent or property broker’s websites that list out multiple properties that are for sales. If you are a property dealer, you can create a website that lists out all the properties that are for sales or rent. If your’s is a realtor’s agency, you can create a website for that too.

Real estate listing directory websites

These are the massive real estate websites with multiple listings, under multiple locations, brokers, property categories etc. The listings can be of various properties belonging to different owners, sold by different brokers, where each property is added as a separate unique listing.

You can also allow front-end submission in such websites so that the visitors can list out their properties and rentals to let the interested users know about it.

IDX/ MLS compatible Real Estate WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a IDX Real Estate Website Solution, here you are. Create real estate websites that are not just gorgeous but smooth to use as well as feature rich. Our themes for real estate agencies, lets you create a website which proves to be actually helpful for the users who are in search for homes or any other property.

IDX integration allows the users to search the users through the MLS listings on the website. So, they can choose from all those listings and find the best one for themselves. IDX/MLS integration in your Property listing websites helps your website more resourceful as well as advantageous from the point of view of a user.

Creating a real estate directory??

Templatic’s Directory theme is one of the most popular WordPress Directory theme around. It is a bundle of features with unsurpassed flexibilities. So that you can harness the features and functionalities of our directory platform for your real estate websites, we have the HomeQuest Directory child theme that you can use to create a Multi-Listing real estate website.

Directory features that can aid your business growth

The real estate directory template is an ultimate combination of a property management script as well as a complete directory software. Here, are the features of our directory WordPress portal, integrated into the real estate template, that can help people to find their

Location-based features of directory

Our directory platforms make use of Google maps to show the exact location of a listing with a map marker on the map. Maps make it easy for the visitors to figure out the location, the distance, and the neighborhood of a listing. The proximity search feature of the directory theme helps enhance the relevance of the results shown to your users.

Flexibility with custom fields

If you want to add new broker or agent to your website, you can do so. Creating new custom fields and post types are very easy with our Tevolution plugin (that powers Directory theme). So your website is not limited by any means. You can just create desired post type and set the fields for it.

Front end listings submission

Front-end listing submission is one of the most important features that can help you flourish your real estate website. You can allow the visitor to submit a listing describing their properties on your website. To make this feature more beneficial, you can integrate paid submissions where the users will pay to submit their listings and get is featured on your website


If you want to run a property portal website that earns for you, HomeQuest is your best choice. The directory based theme lets you create different price packages, and let the users choose the best one for themselves. You can make your users pay to post listings on your website, or the viewers to access the data on your website.

The features of a complete real estate website

Design of your property listing website

It should have an attractive home page. Because, even when we are taught “Not to judge the books by cover”, we almost everytime do. So make sure that your real estate website is good to look at and has all the desirable links styled and highlighted to capture user’s attention.

Smooth Navigation through the real estate property listing pages

An easy navigation is a key for a successful website. Create a navigational menu where all the links are well-organized in the order of their significance. Let it be very easy for the visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Categorize the real estate properties properly

A proper distribution of your property listings under various categories is necessary. For example – You can categorize your listings under categories like 1BHK, 2BHK, 4BHK, etc. You can also have categories like penthouses, villas, bungalows, beach-house, farmhouses, land plots, etc.

Detailed listings for each property posted on your site

Make sure that the listings you publish on the website have correct and comprehensive details. The listings should answer all the questions that a prospective customer may have in their mind.

Images to represent your real estate property

Visuals leave a greater impact than words. And so, try to include relevant, and high-quality images in your website. When the visitors can have a look at what the property looks like, they can be more confident for proceeding with their inquiries.

Contact form to let the visitors reach you easily

A contact form is a medium through which the visitors can get in touch with you. To create an easy to use the contact form where the users can fill in their details and send their inquiries

Easy to search properties website

When the visitors come to your real estate website, they may have a certain type of property already in their mind. For instance, a few businesses will come searching for real estate venues located within a city, whereas the industrial person will try to search for a larger plot in the suburbs of the city. So a proper search system is essential. You can include the feature for search by filters so that the visitors can enter the parameter values and the relevant results are shown to them, without wasting time.

Mobile friendly real estate directory website

A large number of people use their mobile devices to access the internet in their leisure time, or while traveling. So if you don’t want to miss the opportunity of serving the users on their mobile phones, you should create a website that is responsive as well as mobile friendly. Moreover, a mobile-friendly website has greater scope for SEO than a website that is only good for desktop screens.

User friendly and easy to use

Everyone likes the websites that are easy to interact with. While creating your website, keep the user’s convenience in your mind. Make the important links and buttons handy. If there are forms on your website, make the fields and labels intuitive. Avoid using twisted words and phrases. Use pleasant colors and images. Make navigation smooth and the listings organized and easy to access.

Some of the best reasons to use our Real Estate themes

Templatic offers you different themes with different subjects to let you create amazing websites in minutes. The sleek themes are all you need for your next venture. The premium themes come with all the features and flexibility you need. What’s more, all these features and facilities for creating fully-functional websites.

They’re easy to use

WordPress is a CMS that aims to let non-technical people create their own websites, flawlessly! So we, at Templatic, create website themes to facilitate that. Our WordPress themes are easy to use and should you ever need help, we’re here!

SEO Friendly

We know how important it is to impress Google. So we design the theme and code it to make it SEO friendly. Moreover, you can use any of the SEO enhancing plugins like Yoast SEO, or All in One SEO, to gain the deserved visibility for your website.


The themes listed below are absolutely flexible, their homepage re-organizable. All the elements you see on the homepage, are displayed by different widgets placed in different widget areas. So changing the position of a particular section of your website is a matter of drag and drop. Besides, you have the customization options to manage how your website looks. The cherry on the cake if you are a developer/programmer.


You get assured guidance with access to our documentation. All our themes are easy to use and let you create a website on your own. And when you try to do so, we have the guides and multiple help articles to help you to set up your own real estate website on your own.

Friendly support

On purchasing our themes, you get guaranteed support. So while you install the responsive real estate WordPress theme, and set it up, you can ask for the support’s help. The support engineers will try to resolve your queries in the shortest possible time.

Ready to create

Besides, the backend panel of your website is full of intuitive options and settings. So setting up the website with these themes is a cakewalk. So start creating amazing real estate business website with these themes now

Details Real estate listing pages should have

  • Images – The images of the listings are not compulsory, but very important!!
  • Location – Make sure you use the best ways to describe the location, indicate landmarks, etc.
  • Descriptions – If you have to say something like: “The view from all the windows is serene or natural.” or “It’s just 5 minutes away from the sky tower.”, you can add it here.
  • Price – It is very important to let the visitors know the price of the property. You can obviously choose the style to describe the price – For instance: $20000 per square foot, or $29,950,000 for 9856 Miami Beach mansion.
  • Owner’s name and contact details – To let the visitors get in direct touch with the owner of the property, you need to provide, correct and verified owner’s details.
  • A map – How nice it is to let the visitors view the listings on the map itself and the location of a single listing is displayed on the map too.

PS: Here’s an indepth article on how to create real estate directory website with WordPress in less than an hour.