The Directory Software Features Overview

Just take a look at just some of the main features this powerful directory software has to offer.

RTL Compatible

You are not limited to only launching a directory in LTR languages. You can switch the whole layout to RTL if you like. This option is perfect if you wish to launch a directory in Arabic or Hebrew, for example. Switching to RTL applies to the whole site and can be done with a simple press of a button in your admin dashboard.

Custom Currency

Depending on what country you wish to have a directory website for, it is of course possible to change the default currency. Changing the website's default currency is easy to do and can be done straight from your admin dashboard. The currency applies to all displayed prices and the directory submission packages.

Widgetized Homepage

Add widgets of (List/Grid) design with several filtering and sorting options. For example, you can add and position a block for listings, and/or classifieds, properties, jobs or events from a particular category. These can be sorted by date, alphabetical, package value hierarchy or random as the block's sorting options.

User Reviews

Allow visitors to leave reviews on listings and other post types from any of the modules. This option is also integrated with the directory software's star rating system. Reviews and comments are a great way to attract traffic to your website and to give business owners feedback about their business, products or services.

Category Sorting Options

Not all directories will require the same sorting options, the choice is yours. Choose which sorting options are displayed. Available options for the drop-down are: Alphabetical, Publish Date Ascending, Publish Date Descending, Random, Rating, Reviews, Title Ascending and Title Descending.

Submission Pages

This is the page on the software where a lot of the magic happens. You have full control over what fields this page displays. As each post type gets its own submission page, you can provide different packages for each post type and also choose the categories which a package allows submission on.

People Page

This is a page which dynamically displays entries for all users who have made a submission on your directory. Each user appears on this page with all the submissions they have made. Entries are sorted by post type so it's easy for visitors to quickly find all submissions made by any of the users on your directory.

Google Maps

The Google maps are available on listing detail pages with get directions, category pages (can be switched off) and of course on the homepage with search options. All maps are responsive so they are designed to look great, no matter what device your directory website is visited on.

Custom Map Markers

Add custom map markers to listing categories so users can easily, visually distinguish between all the different categories on the map. Download our set of free icons or use your own on listing categories. This also applies to the categories for all other post type modules. Adding an icon is as easy as pressing a button in the dashboard.

Customizable Email Templates

This directory software comes with several auto-triggered email messages. You will find all of these email templates in your admin dashboard should you wish to change any of them. Included messages are for: submission, edits, upgrades, payments as well as the regular ones for user registration.

Dashboard Updates

Manual updates are now a thing of the past. Get notified in your admin dashboard whenever there is an update released for any of the directory software's components. Making an update is as easy as pressing a button in the admin dashboard without the need to know any coding or for uploading files.

Fully Responsive Design

Your directory website is designed to look great no matter which device its visited from. This directory software is designed to look good on mobiles and tablets so it's not just desktops that users and visitors will get great user experience. The responsive design is applied to both LTR and RTL layout modes.

Translation Option

As not every directory will be in English, you can translate yours to any other language. You'll love the fact that we have provided options to independently translate the front-end or back-end. This option makes it possible for the front-end of the site to have a different language than the back-end.

Custom CSS Editor

Need to apply CSS to customize your website's design even further? You can absolutely do this straight in the dashboard where you'll just need to paste your modified CSS code in the designated option on the dashboard. Changes are saved to the database so you'll never lose any modifications on updates.

Mega Menus

Give your directory website a modern and organized navigation menu. Our Mega Menu offers you plenty of freedom to organize the website's navigation design with just a few clicks. This is a great way to neatly and functionally organize the navigation menu on websites with a lot of pages and sections.

Custom Fields

Customize submission forms with required or not fields of several types including: Text, text editor, text area, date picker, checkbox, select drop-down, radio and heading. Choose if the field is to appear on detail pages, category and the homepage or not. You can also create custom fields for the user registration form.

List Filter

This is a powerful module which allows users to filter search results. List Filter uses AJAX so the chosen filter will make changes to what the users sees on the result pages. What's great is not only can users filter results by default fields, you can also assign a custom field you create to be used for filtering.

Submission Packages

Create the submission packages to suit your directory's requirements. As well as free submission, you can offer users regular or membership type packages. These are great if you wish to set 1 price and a number of allowed submissions on a particular package. You can create as many packages as you like.

Claim Ownership

This is an automated claim ownership system and all you have to do is to approve or decline a claim. If you approve a claim, the system automatically creates a username for the person who has submitted a claim. The claimed listing is then automatically assigned to that username so the user can manage it.

Recurring Payments

You can put your earning from your directory on auto-pilot with this function. Recurring payments can be activated on any submission package you choose to activate it on. This option is compatible with PayPal, Inspire Commerce, Stripe, Braintree and 2CO which are all included payment gateways.

Payment Methods

Choose from any of the included payment options which are: Pre-bank transfer, PayPal, PayPal Pro, Stripe, PayPal Express Checkout, CCAvenue, PagSeguro, 2Checkout,, Skrill, Braintree, Dwolla, EBS, eWAY, PayFast, Inspire Commerce, PayU Latam, MyGate, WorldPay, PSiGate, Payeezy.

Monetize Categories

As well as having free and paid packages, you can also give particular categories a separate charge. This works best if for example, you allow submission on a free package except a category or more than one on that package. You can set the price for individual categories and this price will be charged on submission if the category is chosen.

Featured Listings

Activate the 'Featured' option on any of your submission packages. This is a great way to earn more money from listing submissions. A 'Featured' status comes with several options and the extra charge can be applied on top of a package's price. A listing can be featured on categories and/or the homepage.

Discount Coupons

Offer discount coupons to your users on listing submissions. Coupons can be a percentage of the price of a submission package or an exact amount you set to be deducted from the price. Once activated, the option to enter a coupon code becomes available on the front-end submission form.

Widget Areas

Use the various widget locations around the site to add content or banner ads. You'll find plenty of widget locations including: designated sidebar areas for search results and pages, listing categories, listing details, blog posts and categories and of course a designated sidebar location for the homepage.

Ad Manager

This module is fantastic should you wish to publish code or image banner ads which are category-specific. Not only this, the Ad Manager generates loads more widget locations around your directory and banner rotation. These are all great ways to maximize the earnings by using the same ad location more than once.

Content Management

We believe in giving you as much flexibilty as possible in any of our systems. Not only can your directory have content from the leads modules, you also have the option to add regular pages. As well as this, you'll also get a built-in blog. Using the blog is optional so it's in your dashboard should you like to do some blogging.

Transaction Reports

Keep track of all submission transactions straight from your admin dashboard. This tool also lets you export transactions to a .CSV file for your records. You can search for transactions by filters too including; payment method used, package type, name or email and of course by date range.

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