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List Filter

Find relevant listing quickly and easily with Ajax List Filter addon plugin

Find relevant listing quickly

The usability and user experience of your website is substantially boosted if your visitors are able to find relevant content instantly.

List Filter is the add-on that makes it possible.

It works to provide your site visitors a simpler and easier way to locate what they’re looking for(and thereby increase the number of your happy visitors).

Installing the plugin will add a new widget inside the Appearance ⇨ Widgets area called “List Filter”. Enabling the filtering feature is as simple as placing the widget inside the appropriate (sidebar) widget area.

Once enabled, visitors can use the sidebar filters to quickly reduce the number of displayed listings on category and search pages.

List Filter

Instant filtering

The add-on was developed using AJAX, meaning that the content will be refreshed instantly as soon as a filter is initiated.

The add-on has been tested with thousands of listings and the results were always provided within seconds. To test these filters for yourself open our demo site; it contains around 500 listings to search through.

The following filters are provided by default:

  • Rating (e.g. display only 5-star listings)
  • Distance (e.g. display listings in a 10 mile radius)

Use your own custom fields as filters

The best part about the List Filter plugin is the ability to use your own custom fields as filters for the widget. Custom fields available by default in Directory (like Address, Phone, Time, etc) will work as well.

Another benefit of the List Filter plugin is that it’s not limited to the built-in “Listing” type, it will work with post types that you create as well; and with custom fields for the new post type.

Advanced users can go one step further by combining the List Filter add-on with the Widget Logic plugin. That plugin will allow you to show unique filters for different categories.

Categories like Restaurants and Parks will likely have different custom fields assigned to them, with Widget Logic you’ll make sure your visitors only see the fields/filters related to the category they are browsing.

List Filter video overview

Other useful features

  • Use drag n’ drop to order filters inside the List Filter widget.
  • Limit filtering to the current city (or search site-wide).
  • View active filters at the top of the search/category page.
  • Ability to turn off specific filters.
  • Disable all filters by clicking on “Clear all filters”.