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Directory Theme – All in One Resources

Directory Theme

Directory, most powerful listings theme ever

It is your perfect choice for creating an online listings directory. Directory offers custom post types, subscription price packages, Google map search and unlimited searchable custom fields. The most comprehensive directory WordPress theme you will ever need.

Child Themes Add-on Plugins Documentation

Directory is a massive theme and comes with hundreds of features across multiple plugins. However, along with all that we’re also providing lots of secondary content… stuff that isn’t included inside the theme itself, but useful nonetheless. On this page we’ll outline the most important resources for every Directory owner. So, let’s get started!

Free Directory Child Theme Template

The ‘Free’ directory child theme template is there to save you from the hassle of creating a child theme for customizing your parent Directory theme. Consisting all the required files for a child theme, the template lets you over-write the files of the parent theme without actually changing or updating it. Keep your parent theme files intact and get the changes reflected by just tweaking the child theme and overcome the fear of losing your customization on updating the theme/plugins. This has its own benefits. Read the Directory Child theme template guide to know more what it has to offer.

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Free Directory add-ons

You can extend functionality of your Directory website by using these free add-on plugins and other resources.

  • AngularBulk Import/ExportBulk Import/Export allows you to populate the site with a lot of content in a short amount of time. If you already have a lot of content, this feature also allows you to export it. Both import and export work with CSV files.
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  • AngularCoupon ManagerInstalling this extension will allow you to create discounts for your own price packages. This is great when running promotions (like for Christmas or Black Friday).
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  • AngularIP BlockerThis extension will allow you to block specific IP addresses from your site and also implement SSL for the registration and submission pages.
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  • AngularUser filters for MailPoetUser Filters is a totally free plugin that will allow you to better specify which users should receive the email or newsletter you are sending. It works on top of the popular MailPoet Newsletters plugin.
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  • AngularCity PermalinkThis free add-on will allow you to select a primary city(it will be used in the URL of that listing) for your listing which is set to display in multiple cities from backend.
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  • AngularShortcodesStyle your pages and posts with dozens of different callouts, buttons and awesome designs. Click here to download the plugin. For instructions on how to insert shortcodes open the following page.
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  • AngularMega MenuUse this plugin to create multi-column menus like those displayed on our demo sites. For download and usage instructions just open this article.
    Download Now
  • AngularFree Map Icon SetsOne of the cool features inside Directory is the ability to upload custom icons/markers for the map. To save you the trouble of searching for appropriate map icons, we’ve created few of our own icons which you can use.
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Useful Plugins

Useful Tutorials for Beginners

Just getting started with WordPress and our Directory themes? Don’t worry, we have created this list of tutorials you can refer. It will definitely help you get started with setting up your website.

Configuration Tips

Tutorials under this section are related to the configuration of the Directory theme, some useful tips are shared in these tutorials which will surely help you build a better website with our Directory based themes.

Customization Tips

Tutorials under this section are regarding the small code tweaks which extends the functionality of your Directory theme powered website, we highly recommend that you go through this list of customization tutorials. There will be that one customization that you always wanted to do on your Directory theme.

Useful Articles and Free Resources for Directory

  • City CSV files

    If you’re creating a large directory, the ability to quickly populate it with cities is extremely beneficial. To make this happen we created a forum thread where each member can share their CSVs. To entice members into sharing, we’re offering a free add-on of your choice for every CSV submission.

    Read More

  • Localized ready .po/.mo files

    Similar to how city CSV sharing works, we’ve also made it possible to share your translations and get rewarded for it. Each member that shares his/hers fully translated file gets rewarded with a free add-on of their choice. Visit this forum thread to read more about how you too can share a translation file.

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  • Customization resources

    To make customizing Directory easier, we are actively indexing customizations done by the staff and regular members inside our forums. An index of existing tweaks is available in this article . Along with that thread, we also have a number of general tutorials on how to customize themes, including How to use Firebug and a tutorial about custom.css.

    Read More

  • Create and sell your own add-ons

    If you have experience with developing plugins and a good idea for a Directory add-on, why not creating it yourself? To help you with this, we made multiple developer guides that explain the in-and-outs of Directory. If you’ll have any questions about this, just submit a ticket through this link.

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  • Securing/hardening your WordPress directory

    This is one great article shared by one of our user on how you can strengthen the security of a Directory website, it explains everything in detail step-wise.

    Read More

  • Directory wishlist

    Directory is our most popular project so we keep updating it, and we are always listening to your suggestions. If you have any feature request for Directory post it here.

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Helpful Tutorials for Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of some frequently asked questions for Directory theme with their detailed answers. We recommend you to take a look at the list once, it might answer that one question you were having for a long time now.

You think we should write a tutorial on a particular topic regarding Directory? Write to us here to request a tutorial.

Customer stories of Directory theme users

We are encouraging Directory users who have built a successful Directory website using our theme to share their stories so that other users can learn and take inspiration from them.

You can share your success story with Directory theme too, write to us here.

Directory Specific Blog Posts

Recently we have published some articles on our blog which includes articles about how you can make the most of your Directory website, it gives you insights into the business part of the Directory websites. It also has case studies of successful websites created using our Directory platform.

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Note: ALL child themes are part of club membership. You are able to download one bonus plugin per month under your club membership. Join Our Club Membership.

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