This page contains community CSVs containing cities for various countries of the world. The initial batch of CSVs was taken from our forum thread. Each of these CSVs will allow you quickly add a significant number of new cities to your Directory-powered website.

To use these CSVs you’ll need…

  1. Our Directory theme (or a Directory child theme).
  2. The free Bulk Import plugin. For import instructions open the theme guide.
  3. Make sure the Location Manager plugin is active.

City CSV download

      1. Algeria
        Download (by bachirahmani)
      2. Australia
        Download (by sevenworth) | Download 2 (by timobishop)
      3. Belgium
        Download (by bgooris)
      4. Brasil
        Download (by samuelmanzini)
      5. Canada
        Download (by gcoleman)
      6. England
        Download (by Tudortrainingacademy)
      7. Netherlands
        Download (by Mackaaij)
      8. New Zealand
        Download (by sevenworth)
      9. South Africa
        Download (by sevenworth)
      10. Spain
        Download (by Josemiguel)
      11. Turkey
        Download (by themem)
      12. United Kingdom
        Download (by daryla)
      13. United States
        Download (by fantastiko)
      14. Zimbabwe
        Download (by Walcee)
      15. Maxico
        Download (by Sergio Ruiz)

Important! We do not vouch for the accuracy of these CSVs. Each of these files was given to us by our customers and we are providing them here without any modifications.