Realestate Directory seems quite similar to Realestate at first glance but actually it is way different in terms of functions, features and most importantly way of handling the functions. So, you cannot have everything in Realestate Directory site that you had in your Realestate and neither you can run this theme on your Realestate site. You need an another site to use Realestate Directory theme.

The only thing that can be done is DATA migration. That is, with some steps as mentioned below, you can migrate your Realestate theme data to the Realestate Directory theme. The data migration includes the default post type “Property” in it.

1.Compare your .csv file

  • First of all, export your Realestate data into a .csv file from wp-admin -> Realestate -> Advance settings -> Bulk Upload -> Export. Select your post type (i.e. Property) and export it to .csv file.
  • Now, head over to your Realestate Directory website wp-admin -> Tevolution -> Bulk Import/Export -> CSV Import
  • Download sample csv of the post type “property” to compare its column sequence and names with your exported csv data file from Realestate.
  • Now open both the .csv files, comparing their columns arrange your Realestate .csv file’s columns according to the .csv file columns of Realestate Directory’s listings.
  • Simply cut – paste the columns in your Realestate csv file according to the positions shown in the Realestate Directory’s sample csv file.
  • If you are operating with single city or haven’t activated LocationManager plugin in your Realestate Directory site then under the column “post_city_id” leave fields blank and save your csv file before uploading.


  • For Windows users – To save time and confusion, you can use excel/csv functions. After opening both the csv files, click Windows -> Arrange -> Horizontally given in the menu bar to arrange your files in such a way that it helps you compare faster and accurate.
  • For Mac users – It is best to work with OpenOffice when working with CSV files

But what if I have some more columns and custom fields?

As sequence matters, you cannot have them in the middle of columns shown in listings sample file, but you can add those fields/columns after the last column of the file “package_id“.

2. Remove columns

There are some columns which were there in Realestate’s csv file but is not there in Realestate Directory’s property listings csv file. But don’t worry you will not have any data loss on removing them from your csv file as some of them were WordPress default columns that are not needed in your Directory site. If you still think that you want to include any column then you can insert that column at the last i.e. after the column “package_id

  • “post_password”
  • “post_date_gmt”
  • “to_ping”
  • “pinged”
  • “menu_order”
  • “post_modified_gmt”
  • “post_content_filtered”
  • “paid_amount”
  • “contact”
  • “email”
  • “post_parent”
  • “website”
  • “language”
  • “location”
  • “property_city”
  • “property_state”
  • “property_country”

If you require below said columns then simply place it after the column “package_id” (i..e at the last) and if not then delete them.

  • “remote_ip”
  • “ip_status”
  • “total_amount”

3. Change Column Names

Both the themes Realestate and Realestate Directory appears to be same but they aren’t. So, there are some difference in structure and format which you have to apply to your csv file in order to import it to Realestate Directory site.

Change field names

  • “Post_author” to “templatic_post_author”
  • “post_date” to “templatic_post_date”
  • “post_title” to “templatic_post_title”
  • “category” to “templatic_post_category”
  • “IMAGE” to “templatic_post_img”
  • “tags” to “templatic_post_tags”
  • “post_content” to “templatic_post_content”
  • “post_excerpt” to “templatic_post_excerpt”
  • “post_status” to “templatic_post_status”
  • “comment_status” to “templatic_comment_status”
  • “ping_status” to “templatic_ping_status”
  • “post_name” to “templatic_post_name”
  • “post_type” to “templatic_post_type”
  • “comment_count” to “templatic_comment_count”
  • “comments_data” to “templatic_comments_data”
  • “geo_address” to “address”
  • “property_zip” to “zip_code”

What not to change?

If you have added some custom fields in your Realestate’s “Property” custom post type, it will also be exported along with all the other fields. So, there you do not have to add “templatic_” as its prefix in the column name but place those columns at the last after the column “package_id”.

4. Add additional columns

There are few columns which were not in Realestate’s .csv file but is there in Realestate Directory’s .csv file, so you need to add those columns in your .csv file of Realestate at the position shown in the property listing’s .csv file. Let’s see which are those columns and what you have to do

  • Add “rentperiod” column between the columns “price” and “bedrooms” in your csv file.
  • Add “loan_available” column after the “mls_no” column.
  • Add “property_tag” column after the “loan_available” column.
  • Add “video” column after the “property_tag” column.
  • Add “post_tags” column after the “video” column.
  • Add “ country_id” column after the “additional_features” column.
  • Add “zones_id” column after the “country_id” column.

( For the above columns you can add the ids of country and zone (given in directory site at Tevolution -> Manage Locations) to which your post belongs.)

  • Add “package_id” field at the last i.e after the featured_type column in your csv (revised) file.

For country id and zone id the same thing can also be done using admin back-end by editing your listing from there and selecting the country, state and city from given drop down. But, you should choose the option according to the total cities you are having. If you are dealing with few cities and countries or states then directly write their ids in csv as it will be simple for you to copy the same value for bunch of your listings.

How to get these ids?

It is quite simple,

  • Just go to your Directory site at wp-admin -> Tevolution -> Manage Location
  • There click on any of the links Country | State | Cities for which you require an id.
  • Hover on the country/state/city name and you will find a URL kind of thing at the left bottom of your screen where the id will be at the last of the sentence.
  • For example – Hovering on any state name, you will have location_manage_locations&locations_subtabs=state_manage_locations&country_id=195&zone_id=3095. where country id is 192 and state id i.e. zone id is 3095

5. Minor changes in the content

  • In your Realestate’s .csv file, you must be having “&(ampersand)” as the separator between two category names in the column “post_category” so just replace it with “, (comma)” there to import it correctly in directory theme.
    • For Example – You are having a listing that belongs to both the categories “Property” and “Restaurants” so in your Realestate csv, category column must be having values like ‘Property&Restaurants’ there you have to remove that “&” sign and put a ‘,’ i.e comma there.
    • [templ_msg_box type=”success”]CSV Tip: If you are not much aware of using excel or csv, let me tell you that you can replace it within a second. Just select the whole category column clicking on its top then find and replace “&” with “,” using ctrl + H.
  • Then, in your column “map_view“, if you have “default view” as value for your maps then just change it and write any of these map view there “Road Map” or “Terrain Map” or “Satellite Map” or “Street map” as per your need.

In short, compare your Realestate .csv file with Realestate Directory’s .csv file and add/edit columns, their names, their values and their formats and modify your Realestate theme .csv file as per .csv file of Realestate Directory theme and then import it from wp-admin -> Tevolution -> Bulk Import/Export -> CSV Import.

It is mandatory to change some column names, their values and formats as said above to import your Realestate’s theme data accurately. Also, we have tested this bulk import feature only with last updated version of Realestate theme. So, we do not support uploading with the earlier version of Realestate theme.

6. How to upload image as well along with other data?

  • Go to your active WordPress directory and create a folder named “bulk” at ../wp-content/uploads/
  • OR if you are using multi site (network) on your WordPress then create the same folder “bulk” at ../wp-content/uploads/sites/”site_Id”/ (to know your site’s Id, simply head over to Network Admin -> Sites, locate your site name there and hover on edit link given below, you will be having an URL kind of sentence at the bottom left of your screen and the numeric value written after site-info.php?id= is your site Id (e.g. site-info.php?id= 48)).
  • Move (or paste) your desired images in this “bulk” folder.
  • Now, write the same names of those images along with their file extension (like .jpg or .png etc) in your csv file in the column name “templatic_img” (as written in sample csv) and save it.
  • Then import your csv from wp-admin -> Tevolution -> Bulk Import/Export and you are done.
  • You can check it at wp-admin -> Tevolution -> Directory (for post type listings).