We have given quite a wide compatibility option for our Directory theme. Here is the list of such compatible plugins and the steps that helps you get started with them.

1) Google Analytics Dashboard

This plugin is helpful to keep track record of  your site statistics that includes number of visits, number of visitors, bounce rates, organic searches, pages per visit directly on your Admin Dashboard.

[templ_msg_box]Turn on (check mark) its widgets from “Screen Options” given at the top right of your screen to see and use them.

2) Comment Images

Generally while commenting on any site,  it may happen that you (user) just do not want to share the text message in the comment box but also want to share some picture and so with the help of this plugin you can let your users upload their image right on the comment form. Here are the steps for it,

  • Download this free plugin
  • Upload to your active WordPress directory at ../wp-content/Plugins/
  • Activate it from wp-admin -> Plugins

As soon as you activate it, an image upload button appears on the post/custom post detail page along with the comment box and an additional information is that you do not have to do any settings at admin back-end!

If you are a developer or feel that tweaking some code is not that bad for you then here are the steps with which you can tweak the code little bit to modify it as per your requirement.

A) To show upload field above comment box on your site

  • Go to your active WordPress directory ..wp-contentpluginscomment-images and open the file “class-comment-image.php
  • There replace(line no. – 87)  ” add_action( ‘comment_form’ , array( $this, ‘add_image_upload_form’ ); ”  with
  • ” add_action( ‘comment_form_defaults’ , array( $this, ‘add_image_upload_form’ ),20 ); “
  • Now in the same file at line number “359” with the function name “ add_image_upload_form  “ change the argument from “$post_id” to “$arg”
  • Then add a line below last updated code “global $post; $post_id = $post->ID; “
  • Go to end of the function and replace “ echo $html; “  line with “$arg[‘comment_field’] = $html.$arg[‘comment_field’];     return $arg; “ just above where the function ends.

B) Remove uploaded comment images

When anyone uploads an image to his/her comment then it will be saved in the “Media”. Now to remove these images you can apply the below said steps,

  • Go to the same file at your active WordPress directory ..wp-contentpluginscomment-images and open the file “class-comment-image.php
  • Comment out or simply remove the below said lines around line no. 407 coded in the function “save_comment_image“ and save your file.
“$img_url = media_sideload_image( $comment_image_file['url'], $post_id );			
	preg_match_all( "#[^<img src='](.*)[^'alt="/>]#", $img_url, $matches );
	$comment_image_file['url'] = $matches[0][0]; “  

3) FV Thoughtful comments

This one lets you charge your users to moderate the comments on your site and using it with the Directory theme adds an additional section of “Comment Moderation”  at wp-admin -> Tevolution -> Monetization -> Price Package where you can decide whether you want to activate it on your site and whether to charge author on comment moderation or not.

4) Simple Google Static Map

It is helpful to show a static Google map of a particular city. It helps in reducing the loading time of Google map. After activating it, you can make changes in the parameters defined in shortcode as per your need.

  • Download this free plugin
  • Upload to your active WordPress directory at ../wp-content/Plugins/
  • Activate it from wp-admin -> Plugins
  • It adds up a page with this shortcode [sgmap w="920" h="640" z="14" addr="NewYork" link="true" divclass="mycustomclass"] at wp-admin -> Pages

To know more details about it, click here