This article does not apply to Club members. Click here to renew your club membership

After a theme is purchased it can be used for as long as you like, but updates and support are only available for one year. In other words, your Templatic membership is active for 1 year. All single-theme memberships can be extended (for another year) by paying 35% to 45% of the initial theme price. Follow the instructions below to renew your membership.

  • Connect to the member area
  • On the right side you will see a section called Your Subscriptions. Click on the green Renew button.
  • Inside the popup that opens confirm by clicking on “Renew Subscription”. Now just complete checkout like you normally would.
  • Your account should be instantly renewed.

In case you’re not able to complete the payment automatically (as explained above) you will need to make a manual payment to our PayPal account.

Manual instructions:

  • First step is calculating how much you need to pay. To do that simply multiply the price of your purchased theme/plugin with 0.35 (35%) if the initial price is $100 or more. If the initial price is less then $100 then multiply the price of your purchased theme/plugin with 0.45 (45%). If you’re unsure how much you need to pay please contact us
  • Make a manual payment of that amount to our PayPal account ->
  • Inside the note / message area please write:
    Renewing single-theme license. Theme: [theme_name]. Username: [your_username]
  • With the payment completed note down the transaction details (most importantly the transaction ID) and send it to us through the contact form. Select the “Billing / Account issue” inside the contact form.

If you do not see your purchased theme but it’s been less than 1 year after registration please contact us