The widget will show the latest reviews, i.e latest comments on the home page or the category page sidebar. The widget is very easy to use and can work best in the sidebar area.

Why show the recent reviews?

The recent reviews will show the most recent reviews on the sidebars. These reviews can act as an inspiration for the potential customers. The reviews will let the casual visitors know about what the users think of the post/products of the website. This helps built their confidence into our website. Besides this, the widget can have number of advantages.

The widget will show the latest comments on the posts of selected post type.

How to configure the T – Recent Reviews widget?

Title : You can set any suitable title to be shown for the content displayed by the widget. For example : Comments on our products, what our customers say?, etc.

Select post : This will allow you to select the post type of which the reviews will be shown.

Number of reviews : The number of latest reviews to be shown by this widget.