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By configuring a simple widget, you can get the live twitter feeds on your web-page.

The casual visitors who come to your website and not your followers on the twitter can see the tweets you have posted on your twitter account. The twitter widget will show a sequence of latest twitter feeds on the page. It will also show a follow button clicking on which will lead the visitor to your twitter account.

Configuring the T – Twitter feed widget

The widget is available at Appearance >> Widgets.  This widget can work well in almost every widget area. Simply drag and drop the widget to the required place.

Title:  Text to be displayed above the widget content.

The information required for the following fields can be gained from here.

Twitter Username
Consumer Key
Consumer Secret
Access Token
Access Token Secret

Number Of Tweets: The number of tweets to be shown by the widget.
Twitter button text : The text for the twitter button.

When the users stay connected to you through twitter, they can get the latest updates of what you post on your twitter account. It helps building an informal relation between you and your potential customers. It is always good to let the customers know about the latest happenings and events at your business. This twitter feed will help you achieve that.


Consider an online business directory that sells beauty products online. The business also uses social networks to announce the launch of new products or discount offers. The users will be shown the latest twitter feeds on the homepage of the website. This will keep them updated about the latest happenings in the business.