1) Install and activate

  • Connect to member area and expand the Templatic AdManager plugin section under Plugin Downloads. Download the plugin to your hard drive.
  • Connect to your WordPress dashboard (wp-admin) -> Plugins -> Add New. Click on the Upload, browse the plugin located at your hard drive and then click on Install Now button.
  • If you are using “Multi Site” means a network for your WordPress site, then go to Network Admin -> Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and browse Templatic AdManager.zip file then click “Install Now” button.
  • Now head over to wp-admin -> Plugins and activate Templatic AdManager plugin and start using it.

2) Start adding your ad(s)

This plugin is quite easy to operate as it has everything needed at single place! Majorly you will be playing in 2 sections for your advertisements as mentioned below,

A) Manage Ads

This is the section where your all Ads are added using below section B) will be listed. It has mainly 3 columns Ad Title, Ad Type and Ad Size. All these information will be listed according to the information provided in the Ad while creating it as mentioned below in section B.

B) Add new Ad

As soon as you activate the plugin, you will be automatically redirected to the “Add new Ad” section. All the required fields for adding your Ad is here, let’s read in detail what do they mean,

Advertisement Settings

  • Advertisement Type – There can be two types of ads with this plugin, “Image with link” or “HTML code”. Right now, we are talking about Image with link option. On selecting it, there will be following fields,
  • Title – It is a simple text field, so specify the name that you want to show above your ad image.
  • Upload Advertisement Image – Upload your image from your folder located on your drive that you want to display as your Advertisement image.
  • Destination Url – Mention the URL to which you want your users to be redirected when they click your Ad.

For HTML Code

  • Advertisement Type – Talking about the second option given here, “HTML code” for advertisementhttps://templatic.com/docs/wp-admin/post.php?post=8545&action=edit
  • Paste html code here – Simply paste your advertisement’s html code here and you are done! Your html code may contain “anchor (<a></a>) tags” for links, you can give the image path using img src tag and can write content between these tags as normal texts. You can also define the size of your ad image inside the html code itself instead of using the below mentioned “Advertisement Size” field.
  • Example – <img src=”https://templatic.com/directory/wp-themes/uploads/2013/08/468×60.jpg” width=”468″ height=”60″>

Advertisement Appearance

  • Advertisement Size – Specify the dimension that you want for your advertisement image. Whatever you mention here will be applied to your uploaded image and it will overwrite the original size of your image. This field only accepts numeric value so make sure you don’t write “px” or any other character with the number.
  • Select Categories – All the post and custom post categories on your site will be listed here, just select those on which you want to show this particular Ad.
  • Category Display Location – Here selected option will decide where your Ad will appear exactly. Like, if you have selected “Above each post” then it will show Ad above each and every post on your post listing page.

3) Where will your Ads have an effect

You can show your ads on almost all pages including the listing page, detail page, home page etc. But still we will go step by step as mentioned below,

A) Show Ads on listing page

As discussed in above point that while adding an Ad from wp-admin -> Manage Ads -> Add new Ad, you can select the categories of post/ custom post type on which you want to show your Ad and it will list your Ad there.

B) Show Ads on detail page

As soon as you activate this plugin, it will add its settings part almost everywhere in the detail page at the back-end of your site like in Page, Posts, Custom Posts. So whatever Ads you have added on your site (in wp-admin -> Manage Ads -> Add new Ad) will be listed here. You can simply select your preferred Ad here and it will show there on its detail page as well.

* But what if you do not have your Ad in that list?

Well, if it is not there it means you have not created it yet, so you can simply head over to the wp-admin -> Manage Ads -> Add new Ad and add your Ad there first and then continue adding your Ads on other pages.

C) Show more than one Ad on any page

To showcase multiple Ads on the same page, you can utilize its special widget “T – Display Ad” and place it in its sidebar area or any relevant widget areas available with you in wp-admin -> Appearance – > Widgets.

This widget will show you all the available Ads on your site, you just have to select (check mark) any or all of them to display on your site (at front-end).

4) Cautions and Tips

It is quite simple and straightforward plugin, there is no much cautions needed but yes, there are few things you should know about it,

  • When you select the location to display your Ad in Manage Ads -> Add new Ad, There are some locations which are applicable to listing page as well as detail page, so it will be called at both the places as per your selection. For example, if you select “Above post” or “Below Post”, this filter is for detail page and so will get displayed there and not in the listing page.