As the name suggests, it alerts you on repeating the same title of any post or custom posts. It is extremely simple , small but vital plugin that requires just few steps to be followed as said here,

1. Install and activate

  • Connect to member area and expand the Templatic DuplicatePostAlert plugin section under Plugin Downloads. Download the plugin to your hard drive.
  • Connect to your WordPress dashboard (wp-admin) and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload (If you are using multi site then go to wp-admin -> Network admin -> Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload). Click on the Upload tab and use the Browse option to locate the Templatic-DuplicatePostAlert zip file on your hard drive – then click on Install Now. After the installation process is finished activate the plugin.

If WordPress rejects to upload it, you can use FTP for that,

  • Extract then upload to /wp-content/Plugins directory
  • Once uploading is done connect to the WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin
  • If you run into more problems during installation please visit our Installation Guide

For detailed instructions on using FTP please click here

2. Where does it affect at back-end?

The main purpose of this plugin is to make you alert that you are repeating the same title that has been used already on your site. It will compare all the titles of the WordPress post or any other custom post even if it is in a draft status.

It will show you a message “Post with this title already exists” whenever you enter new post or custom post from the back-end.


If I add the same title of the post name that a WordPress inserts in wp-admin -> posts as a default “Hello World!” it will show me a message that it alreasy exists. However will let me add the same post and title.


3. Front-end appearance

The same message as said above will appear below the field “title” in your custom post type submit form saying that title already exist only if you are using Tevolution plugin with your site otherwise this plugin will work only for the back-end. It will just give an alert but cannot stop you from posting the same titled custom post. However according to the WordPress default functionality it will change its URL.

4. How to change the content of the message that appears at the back-end?

  • Go to your active WordPress directory and open the file admin_functions.php located at wp-content\plugins\Templatic-DuplicatePostAlert
  • At around line number 37, change the message that is in double inverted commas except the <php _e .... ?> tags. Note: Do not change the [post_type_name] variable to let it work correctly.

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