People who develop the WordPress Plugin or Theme are known with “Hooks”. But even if you do not develop to the core, Knowing about WordPress hooks is good to at least tweak them up to make it work according to you.

Let’s move towards customizing your site through Tevolution & Supreme based Hooks

But what are the Hooks?

If we say in a very general language then Hooks are nothing but the space allowed by WordPress at particular places in their code where we can add some additional functions according to our requirement! Now these Hooks are of 2 types

  1. Action Hooks – These hooks are used to execute some additional custom functions (action) to the code.
  2. Filter Hooks – As the name suggests, filters are the hooks that are used to modify the output before either adding it to the database or sending it to the browser screen.

Know more about Hooks:


Here are the Templatic’s Tevolution & Supreme based Hooks using which you can modify or say tweak the code according to your requirement.

Tevolution Based Hooks

Supreme Based Hooks (Filters)