To Show Weather Forecast for Selected City ( in City Selection Box ) you need to first have Templatic-AdManager plugin downloaded ,installed and activated at your sites backend.
The Service for showing the Weather forecast is provided by Forecast ( ).
The Forecast Embed is an HTML code which when used in theme will show a concise little display of current conditions, the weekly forecast, and weather alerts (if any) for whatever location you specify.

How to Use the HTML code with Templatic Ad – Manager Plugin

• First install and activate Templatic AdManager plugin at your site ( themes backend )
• Go to wp-admin -> Tevolution -> Manage Locations -> Select ‘Manage Ads’ checkbox in Activate location management for option.
• Go to -> Manage Ads -> Add New Ad .
• Now give appropriate Title to this Ad like “New York Weather” ( for New York City ) (Please Note that this code will only work for Cities added in Manage Locations section at themes backend. )
• After giving the Title, Select the Country, State and City ( Location & Map ) for which you want to show the Weather forecast.
• Then in Advertisement Settings first select the Advertisement type as ‘Code’.
• In the Next step add the below HTML code at ‘Enter HTML code’ textarea.

<iframe id=”forecast_embed” type=”text/html” frameborder=”0″ height=”245″ width=”100%” src=”“> </iframe>

The embed takes a few parameters (bold text): the longitude and latitude of the point you want the forecast for, the name of the location as you want it to appear at the top of the embed, and the width of the embed (which can either be in pixels or percentage). The height is fixed at 245px.
You can find the latitude and longitude of most locations using a tool like itouchmap.
• After all the above steps select the other options in Add New Ad page as per your choice i.e the options like ‘Select Display Categories’ and ‘Advertisement Display Location’ and finally Publish the Ad.
• If you have selected the Ad to be shown on Category Page than it will show the Weather format as below

• You can also use the T – Display Ad widget in widget section at themes backend to show the Weather forecast at your desired area.
NOTE: As the Ad is posted selecting the city, the Widget or Ad at front end will show the Weather as per the city selected in City Selection box.

Optional Parameters

There are also a few of optional parameters, marked in bold text:

<iframe id=”forecast_embed” type=”text/html” frameborder=”0″ height=”245″ width=”100%” src=”“> </iframe>

You can change the font from the default Helvetica, the color of the temperature bars, and the localization of the units (‘us’ for Fahrenheit and mph, ‘uk’ for Celsius and mph, ‘ca’ for Celsius and km/h, and ‘si’ for Celsius and m/s).


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