The Directory theme is a location based website. For the location based facilities it needs the maps. The Directory theme comes with the google map integration and supports all the four types of maps provided by google.

  1. Road map : This will show the normal map in two dimensions. It is the default map view.
  2. map types

  3. Satellite : This will show a photographic view of the locations. The map will show the views as they’re photographed from the satellite.
  4. map”>map types

  5. Hybrid : As the name suggests, the hybrid view will show the name of road and cities along with the photographic view. This means that it is a combination of Road map and Satellite.
  6. map types

  7. Terrain : A map view with rivers, mountains, etc.

While creating a map with the shortcode you can define what kind of map you want to show. It is really very easy to manage, create and integrate the maps into the Directory theme with these shortcodes and the map widgets.