Directory theme has features of all kind that will not only let the owner easily develop the website but also let the visitors of website have options that can please them. One of them is add to favourites. This button is available on the category page itself. This feature is only available for the registered users.

The add to favorites button

The add to favorite button is available on the category page as well as the detail page of the listing. When a logged in user clicks the button, it will add the listing as his favorite. When the user is not logged in, it will provide a login popup from where the user can login.

Effect of the feature

This feature can be easily used by pressing the “add to favorite button on the category page or the detail page. Pressing it will add the listing to the favorites list. The favorite listings will be shown to the users on their dashboard in a tab called “My favorites”.


I am in a hurry and watching your Directory website. I am interested in a listing but don’t have enough time to visit it. I want to opt for studying it peacefully in leisure time. Here, I can use the add to favourites button to keep it as a bookmark. So next time I visit the site again, I can directly go to my dashboard and see my listings in My favorites tab.