We have this article to show how you can manage discount coupons and integrate them into your Directory WordPress website. In this article we will discuss the fields pertaining to the start and end date of coupons.

What are the start and end dates?

The coupon start and end date determine its validity. The discount scheme of the voucher gets activated on the start date. It remains valid till the end date. The period between the start date and the end date is the active life of a coupon. The discount won’t be availed before the start date and after the end date.

Why does these dates matter?

You may obviously want to set some limits to the vouchers you create. Generally, every discount scheme lasts for a definite period of time. This encourages your potential customers to make purchase before the offer gets over.


Running a directory website, you decide to set a New year sale that starts from 1st of January to the 5th. To apply this offer all you’ll need to do is set 1st January as the start date and 5th January as the end date. The customers who wants to take the advantage of this discount will make purchases between the coupon start and the end date.