Advertising is the easiest and the most acceptable form of monetizing through a website. Advertisement can be placed in various sections of the website. The businesses can be charged for having their advertisements featured on your website.

Advertising on website is getting popular day by day because it’s comparatively cheaper, reaches a large number of  people and helps reach the targeted people more easily.

Text widgets for Advertisements

There are text widgets that can hold the codes for videos, GIFs and images. These text widgets can be placed in different text widget areas. The business who wants to get their advertisements on your website will pay you.

A directory website is a very vast platform and has multiple subjects covered. So people with different interests will visit the website. The advantage of this can be taken by the businesses to get attention of people at large. The website owner can make money by publishing the advertisements of interested businesses.

Different places for advertisements

The Directory website can let you place advertisements almost anywhere on the website. The widget ready theme has divided the sections of the website into different widget areas. All of these widget areas can be used to display advertisements. The text widget can be coded to occupy the advertisement content (Video, graphics, etc) and placed in the desired widget area, on the desired page.

External links

The advertisements on the website fetches external links to our domain. If the links are trust-worthy and popular, this may help you improve your website’s SEO ranking.

How it works?

You can charge different amounts for different areas, on different pages. The area near the header, can be used to charge more, the one in the sidebar can be charged a little less than that and so on. The advertisement on the home page can be charged higher than the other pages. Advertising on the category page can be helpful to target people with specific interest. This will help you earn money, and help the businesses to get a platform for advertising.


Suppose you have a Cuisine Directory website that lists all the restaurants and food-places of the city. It is quite obvious that people visiting this website are interested in or looking for some place to dine. In this case, how beneficial it would be for the hotels and restaurants of the city, to get themselves advertised on your website. Let them select the place and section of the website. You can charge them for this.