The Directory WordPress theme has the features through which it can send automated email notifications. With this feature, you can notify the listing owner about the expiration of their listing validation. Use the automated listing expiry notifications feature of Directory to send email alerts to the listing owner. For this all you need to do is to set the days prior to the expiration of listing, the mail is to be sent.

What is the purpose of the expiry notifications?

The main purpose of the automated listing expiry notification is that the users get to know that the listing expiry date is nearing. This will alert the listing owner if he wishes to keep the listing active on the website. On the receipt of the email he can take the necessary steps to renew his listing.

How to set this period?

To set the days before expiration, the expiry notifications will be sent by navigating to Dashboard >> Settings >> General settings >> Detail page .

Set the days at “User listing expiry notification email”.



For example: If the listing is going to get expired on 27 April 2016, and you want the user to be notified on 22nd April, you can set 5 days here.

How to set the notification message?

To change the notification message of any type you can navigate to Dashboard >> Tevolution >> Settings >> Email and Notification settings. And quick edit the required email templates.

To change the message for email notification for the expiry of the listing, Find the template for “Listing expiration Notification” and start editing it. You can set the message as per your requirement.




Suppose there’s Mr Abc, who published a listing on our website. He Published it on 10th April 2016. His subscription package gives his listing the validity of 30 days. Suppose, in our website we have kept the settings to send an expiry notification before 4 days. So, Mr Abc will receive an e-mail on 6th May informing him that his listing is going to expire on 10th May and that he should renew his listing