Directory WordPress theme allows the users to perform combined changes in their transaction status. This will save you from the hassle of going to each transaction and changing their status.

The feature is in-built with Tevolution, the base plugin of Directory platform. Once Tevolution is activated, no other add-on or settings is required to use this feature

How to Bulk Change Transaction Status?

You can navigate to the Tevolution transaction section on the dashboard to use this feature. As shown in the figure, check the check boxes against the transactions you want to apply the changes to. Once you’ve selected the transactions, select the action from the dropdown and press the “Apply”.

bulk change transaction status

With this feature you can set the transaction status to Approved, pending, cancelled or Delete them.


When you are running a very big Directory website, you’ll have hundreds of transactions per day. Many of these people will opt for the pre-bank payment method.

You check your bank account and find out that 10 people have transferred their pending payment to your account and successfully paid for the subscription. Now, it would be very tiresome to change the status of each of the 20 transactions manually, by selecting the transaction and then approving it.

Instead, you can just check the name in the bank details and check all those names in your transaction settings at your Directory WordPress website back-end, and approve them all at once.

This is how bulk change transaction status helps you save time and efforts.