The title of the category may not always suffice. Sometimes, you may also need to provide some extra description along with the title. The Directory WordPress theme allows you to add a short description for each category you create.

For example: Kids wardrobe is a category name. You can use the description field to specify that the category includes kids clothing, kids accessories, and footwears etc. This will avoid the confusion at the user’s end.

How to add category description to the listings?

The category description to the listing can be added from backend while creating a category. When a category is already exists and you want to add description to it, navigate to Dashboard >> Listings >> Categories >> and start editing the category you want. From here you can add description to the category to describe what it includes or what it means.

Where it appears on the front end

The category description specified with a category will be displayed on the category page. Therefore, when the visitor lands a category page of a certain category he will get the description and know what the category means. The category name cannot always describe what the category means or what it includes. This is where the category description helps.

Use is a medicinal website that has categories like pathological, Ayurvedic, homeopathic, etc. The terms are medical terms and need some further clarification on them for a common man to understand. Here the category description field can be used to describe that the Ayurvedic medicines are the medicines that do not make use of any chemical or drug but rely on the herbs and natural ingredients to make the medicines. This description will be displayed on the category page and the visitors will be able to understand what the category is about.