The map on the category page will show all the listings in the selected category with a map marker on the map. The users coming to the category page will therefore be able to view the map with the listings filtered on the basis of the category. The map on the category page can be shown in two ways: Through a separate map tab or through a widget.

Category page map tab

To enable or disable the map tab navigate to Tevolution >> Settings >> General settings >> Category page settings. Alternatively, this can be disabled to use the T- Category Page Map Widget.

T – Catergory Page Map

To show the map on the category page, the T- Category Page Map widget can be used. Two variants of the category page map are available.

Category Page Map – Single city

If the Location manager is disabled and the website is not running in the multicity, this Category Page Map will be of the single city. The listings of only one city will be displayed as well as accepted.

Category Page Map – Multi city

If the Location Manager plugin is active and the website lists the listings of more than one city then the Category Page Map multicity will be available.

Configuring the widget

Height : The width of the widget will be adjusted itself based on the widget area it is placed but the height needs to be defined. Set the height of the map from here in pixels.

Disable Clustering : By tick marking this the map marker clustering will be disabled and overlapped markers will be shown for the nearby listings.

Show all posts on the category page map : If enabled, all the listings in the selected category will be shown on the map. When this option is disabled, the map will only show posts from the current page.

With large number of listings in a single category this can significantly increase category page load time.


Consider a City directory site with the listings of locations on the city like parks, hotels, cafeteria, hospitals, schools, etc. A user wants to know about the cafeterias in the city and clicks on the cafeteria category. The category page map will show the user the listings of all the cafeterias in the city with map marker. Similarly the users of the website can see all the listings of the selected category filtered on the map.