The category page on the WordPress Directory site is a page that shows all the posts/listings/events pertaining to a particular category. This category page gives us a filtered result based on a category name. The map widget that we can use on the category page is the T – Category page map multi city widget.

What will the category page map multi city widget display?

The category page map multi city will show all the posts in that category in the multiple cities. The category page map will show the listings pertaining to a specific category in multiple cities on a map on the category page.
When a user selects a category from the list of given categories, it means that he is interested in the specific category. A category page map will be displayed on the category that will show him all the listings that belong to it and present on the website. All this listings on the map will be shown by the map markers.
This will make this page look like a portal foe a particular category where all the details about it can be found at once.


A user coming to the directory site clicks on the category “clubs”. This means that he is searching for a listing for clubs in the area. On clicking the club, it will navigate him to the category page of the clubs.
The category page map-multicity will show him all the listings posted in the “club” category on the map. This will not just let him know the population of listings in the category but also lets him select the listings, he can visit based on the maps.