The category page on the WordPress Directory site is a page that shows all the posts/listings/events pertaining to a particular category. This category page gives us a filtered result based on a category name. The map widget that we can use on the category page is the T – Category page map single city widget.

What is the use of Category page – single city map

The category page map widget will show all the listings posted in a specific category in a single city.

Therefore when a user lands on the category page, the map will show him all the listings on the map of the selected category. But the listing shown will be limited to the city. This will help the user for local search in his own area and will show filters results on the map based on the place as well as category.


a visitor on the homepage is searching for an amusement park. When he clicks the category page map single city will show him all the listings on the map that belongs to the category amusement park and falls in the city selected by the user.