Directory WordPress theme lets you create a wonderful listings website by submitting enormous listings data. In order to organize the listings, categories are available. With this the listings of similar nature are grouped into one category. This helps the users to search easily and the site owner to manage the listings properly. Directory theme allows the admin to set categorywise price for the user submitted listings.

Categorywise price

There will be some categories that are more prominent and more searched than the others. For example : In a listings website there are categories called hotels, hospitals and parks. People will probably search more for hotels and hospitals than parks. This means that the importance of some categories is more and this is an opportunity to charge more.

categorywise price

Directory provides the site owners with a feature to set unique price for each category. So when the user submit their listings, the price is calculated based on the category he selects.


You’re running a Directory website for dental clinics of a particular region, called Along with the dental clinics you also allow the submission of general hospitals and clinics of the areas. As the name suggests, people coming to your site will be primarily the one’s who are interested in knowing the dental clinics. Therefore, Dental clinic category will be the main category of your website. The “general hospitals” category will be subsidiary to it.

Based on the popularity and relevance of the category, you can charge more for the listings submitted under Dental Clinic category and charge relatively less for the ones submitted under “General hospitals” or “Orthopedic hospitals”.