In your Directory website, you can get the information about the number of times a city is visited. The city logs page will show the count of how many times a city is visited and the IP addresses through which it is visited.

Turn the city logs on or off

You can turn the city logs on or off, by navigating to Tevolution >> Manage locations >> Track city visits (city logs). When the option is enabled the City logs tab will be shown at Tevolution >> Manage Locations, else it will disappear.

Where to view the city logs?

The city logs for each city is available at Tevolution >> Manage locations >> City logs.
With this feature you can determine which is the most popular city on your website. You can also check the cities where there are minimum visits and work on their listings or populate them with more listings. The main advantage with this feature is that you can get a report of your site performance based on cities.

The city logs page

The city log will show how many times a city is selected and its listings are viewed. The report will show the city, state and the country name with the Total Count and view details. On clicking on views – the details of the city views will be shown. This includes the IP address and number of times the city is viewed from the IP address. This page will contain all the IP addresses that has accessed the city.


Suppose there’s a Directory website for a bank, example : HDFC bank, so the listings shows the location of the bank offices and the atm machines of the bank at different locations in the country. The city logs can be observed from the backend of the website to find out in which parts of the country are people searching more for the bank. This result can be used to draw several conclusions and designing strategy for the business.