With the Tevolution Location Manager the Directory website will start running in the multi-city mode. This means that it will now allow the submission of listings in multiple cities. So, a city selection dropdown will appear on the top of the homepage with the Location manager activation.

How to manage the appearance of the city selection dropdown?

The city selector dropdown that appears in the header of the homepage can be managed by navigating to Tevolution >> Manage Locations.
City Selectory style: From here you can choose whether you want to see a dropdown selector or links for the city.
City selector levels: The city selector levels lets you decide the level of selection.

All counties: Displays a 3-level city selector Country > State > City with ability to change country. This can be used when you are creating a global directory and want the user to select the country first and then the state and city of that country.

One Country: Displays a 2-level city selector State > City without ability to change country. It allows to select the state and the city only. This can be used when the website is based for a particular country only.

Only Cities: Displays a 1-level city selector without countries or states. This will display all the cities and the user has to select one from it.

Advantages of the selection

The user of the directory website will be allowed to select the city on the homepage of the website itself. Once the city is sselected all the results of the website will be shown pertaining to that city only. This will stream line the available results for the user and give him the filtered results based on the city he has selected. This will improvise the user experience by bringing him fast and relevant results.