The detail page of the Directory WordPress theme is comprehensive and interactive. There is a claim ownership button on the listing detail page that can be used by the business owners to claim their listings on the website.

What is Claim ownership button?

Claim ownership is a distinguished feature of the Directory theme that allows the users to claim a listed business as their own. The listings shown on the website can be claimed by the owners as their own by pressing the claim ownership button on the listing detail page.

claim ownership button

Pressing the button will open a pop-up form for claiming the ownership of the listing.

Note :  Pressing the button will not directly grant the ownership of the listing, but it will just send a request for the ownership. The admin can view this request and make necessary investigations and grant  the ownership of the listing to the claimant after proper verification.

The claim ownership form

The pop-up form that appears on pressing the claim ownership button is the claim ownership form. The form contains the fields where the claimant has to provide his name, email address and phone number, followed by an editable message about the claim.

claim ownership form

There is also a facility for paid claims that will let you charge the users to claim the ownership of the listings on your website. Please refer this document to know how to manage claims and what is paid cliams?

Use is a comprehensive listing directory website with the listings of all the salons in a city. The listings are added by the admin and the salon owner finds his salon listed on the website. He wants to claim his business on the website so that the people who view the listing know that he owns it. He can easily claim it with the Claim ownership button on the detail page and block others from claiming the ownership. The admin can verify the ownership manually and allow the ownership to the respective owner.