The ratings and reviews have a very important part to play in the success of a website. This is because more and more visitors nowadays make their decision regarding any business based on the consumer experience and opinions.
So with Directory theme, you can enable compulsory ratings with comments on your website.

Mainly, before making a purchase related decision, the users will refer the reviews. In the directory theme, if you have integrated e-shop facility with woo-commerce or even with listings, reviews can play an important role. They help winning the confidence of the users.

All the things you read in the above lines are possible when the reviews are positive. What if the users leave negative reviews

Compulsory ratings on your website

With the forced ratings enabled on your website, you can make it mandatory for the users to leave a rating along with the comments. So with this, the users won’t be allowed to submit a comment until he rates the listing/product.

How to enable force ratings on your website?

To enable the compulsory ratings feature on your website, navigate to Tevolution >> Settings >> General settings >> Detail page. From here you can enable/disable ratings, and turn on/off the forced ratings.



How it appears on front-end?

With enabled ratings, if the users try to submit the comments without the ratings, a message will be displayed and the comment won’t be submitted. The comments will only be allowed to submit the comments when they rate the listings.




By enabling forced ratings you will get more consumer ratings. With the positive reviews on the listings, the other customers will be inspired to follow your business. With less reviews you can get an idea about the weak-points of your website. Therefore, the ratings are beneficial in both the ways.