When your business is running online, the easiest way your customers can contact you is through the contact us form. The Directory theme comes with a contact us widget that can be used as the contact form just by placing it in the widget area.

The Contact us Widget

The contact us widget will insert a contact us box in the page. This can be used in the sidebar or the footer areas.
The contact us form will contain the fields like email addresses of the users and the message. This will allow the visitors send an inquiry message to you from anywhere.

Many times the users who are new to your website will have queries regarding the listings or the other content or function of a website. For this, they can use the contact form to send you a contact message and get their queries resolved.


A user is confused about a payment package. He wants to subscribe it but has some queries pertaining to that. He shall use the contact form to contact you and get his doubts cleared. This way you can also get to know about your users and help them to resolve the confusion related to your website.
Generally, there is a separate page for contact us , but this widget rakes a very less space and can be set on any page’s sidebar main content, sidebar and the footer. It saves the user from the hassle of clicking and opening a new page just to send a contact message.