Mobile Friendly Directory:

After investing all your time, money and efforts, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t your site to be mobile friendly. The users who try to access your website through mobile phones should not be disappointed. Therefore, directory theme is designed to have the most responsive design, that renders the same, loss-less view, regardless of the device it’s been viewed on.

In the last decade, the use of mobile phones has increased tremendously. Most people nowadays prefer to visit a site on the mobile phone rather than on desktop. This requires any website to be responsive to fit mobile phones that come with varied resolutions and screen sizes. But , if you are a Directory user, you won’t have to worry about how your site will look like on different devices.

Directory WordPress Theme

Improved performance

A mobile friendly site takes less loading time as compared to a non-responsive site. So, a responsive site also helps enhance the performance and the user-experience of the site.

App view

App-view makes the site look like an mobile application. The app-view can be turned on from the site’s backed. This is the extent of flexibility we offer. Even when we say responsive, you can opt for the basic responsive site(where the designed is managed to fit the device, totally loss-less) or the app view (Where you get simulation of an application, with only the necessary details).

Helps you get more business

In this era of fast life, people look for the sites on a mobile phone and plan to purchase stuffs with the swipe of a finger. Your audience want everything beneath their finger-tip. So, we’re here to help you provide them with what they want and nourish your business.

Most people don’t find time to turn on their laptop/computer  just to make some random searches through the web and prefer to use mobile phone for that. A person who is busy with his work and daily chores will only find time while he’s travelling, during lunch break, or at leisure time. Making your site mobile friendly will let him view the site and its content when he is just spending the leisure time. The person was not even a potential customer and just landed on your site while making random searches through internet. But now, he gets involved with the content managed by the responsive design and ends up being your fan!