What is a Custom CSS editor?

The custom CSS editor is a unique feature of the theme. Using this you can make changes in the appearance of the theme without actually opening and changing the CSS files. All you need to do is to open the Custom CSS editor and paste here the class along with the values to the attributes you want to change.
Custom CSS will overwrite the code in the .css file according to the newly defined class and its attribute.
Advantages of using Custom CSS
• Easy to apply changes
• Changes to the .css file will be overridden when you take the theme update. Changes applied through the CSS editor will not be overwritten.

How to use the Custom CSS editor?

You can find the custom CSS editor at Dashboard >> Appearance. Placing the class in this editor will apply the changes. Refer this pageto know how can you use the custom CSS editor.


You decide to make few changes in the look of the website. You’ve decided that you want to change some button colours and sizes, you want some of the design removed from the page and a change the text colour of some text and change the image size too? What now? Will you have to find the relevant code in CSS file.
No, you can do this by simply placing the code in the Custom CSS editor, under the relevant class name. Find the class using the Firebug tool. You won’t even have to mention all the fields contained by the class, just the fields you want to change needs to be mentioned under the class name.