With the Directory WordPress theme,you can edit and re-configure your existing post types. Besides, you can also create unlimited custom post types. For this post types, you can create unlimited custom fields. Some of the post types are available with the add-onns. For example : Jobs, Events ,Deals , Classifieds, etc. But if your desired post type is not available with any of the Directory add-ons you can create it.

How to create a custom post type?

To add new post type navigate to Tevolution >> Custom fields >> Post Types >> Add Custom Post types. Fill the form and add the new post type

Post Type Name : Name of the post type like jobs, events, etc.

Post Type Slug : The slug name for the post type.  Just enter small letters without any space, Maximum 20 characters are allowed

Custom Taxonomy name : The name of the post type taxonomy. Example:  Categories, Event Categories etc.

Taxonomy slug: The slug for the taxonomy name.

Custom Tag name : The tag name for the

Tags slug: Tags slug for the custom post type.

Description : Description about the new post type.

Upload Icon : Icon for the post type.

Category map markers : The toggle button to enable or disable the category .

Create a custom post type and allow user to submit their post in it

The Directory theme allows you to create a custom post type. You can make a submission form and allow the users to submit their posts into that post type. Therefore, with the directory theme you get the full flexibility to expand the scope of your website and provide more and more facilities to your users.


Consider a medical website onlinemedicines.com where the details about each medicine is provided. The admin wants medicines to be the post type here with the custom fields pertaining to it. He wants to allow the users to submit medicines and its details. So he can create a custom post type called medicines and create and add post types to it. This way he can get submissions of medicines for his website from the end users.