In any website that involves transactions or user interactions, registration form for the user is an important requirement. Registration form should be such that it is enabled to take all the necessary information from the user. Therefore a custom registration form with the required to be created.

The default registration form that comes with the Directory theme can be changed and fields can be added or removed from it. This enables you to create a registration form that best suits your purpose.

Where can you find the registration form at the backend?

The registration form exists in the pages section of the theme with the name “register”. If you delete this form by mistake, a new form can be created by placing the following short-code in the page.


Using this short code you can insert the registration form anywhere on your website.

Creating a custom registration form

Navigate to Tevolution >> Custom fields >> User profile fields. These are the fields that appear on your registration form. To Edit or delete a field, hover over the field name and edit and delete options will be visible. To add new field click on the add new field button.

You can enter the details as per your requirement.

From here you can manage the fields that will appear on your custom Registration form.Add an unlimited number of custom fields and choose between several different field types, including: text, check box, radio, date picker, upload, etc.


Suppose, A doctor want a website for his hospital, where he wants to allow online appointment and online consultation. For this, he’ll first need to understand the user and his age, his problem, his ailments, etc. The normal registration form that comes with the theme won’t suffice. Therefore, the owner can very easily add, update or remove the existing fields and create a custom registration form.

Similarly there is a website for hotel booking using the Directory theme, this will require a registration form that takes in the user name, address, occupation, etc. Totally different from the one we discussed earlier. But this form too can be easily created the custom registration form facility of the Theme