In your Directory WordPress website, a submission form is the one through which the users can submit their post of a specific post type on your website. The submission form need to be detailed and comprehensive so as to cover all the details needed for the post. At the same time, it also requires to eliminate unnecessary details and unimportant fields. With the Directory WordPress theme, you can create such precise Submission form for each post type in your website. Use the custom fields to add, update and delete the fields in the submission form and create a custom submission form.

How to create a custom submission form?

The submission form can be found at back end at pages. Namely, Submit Event, Submit Listing, Submit deal, etc. If you don’t find a submission form already created you can create it on your own using the following short code.

A custom submission form can be created using the following short code :
[submit_form post_type=’post_type_name’]

Here the post_type_name is the slug of the post type you want to use.

Events – [submit_form post_type=’event’]
Listings – [submit_form post_type=’listings’]
Jobs – [submit_form post_type=’jobs’]
Deals – [submit_form post_type=’deals’]

These short codes can be inserted on any page, directly or through text widgets and a submission form will be displayed there.

Updating Custom fields of the submission form

Navigate to Tevolution >> Custom fields >> and select the post type name.


There’s an Directory website for the educational events in a place. The event descriptions needs to explain the organizer’s designation and his skill areas so that the audiences know what kind of person has organized the event. This can be easily done with the Directory theme. You can add the custom fields pertaining to the organizer’s qualification, his designation and his skill areas by the custom fields facility from the Tevolution.