What are permalinks?

The permalinks are the website address that is shown in the navigation bar. It plays an important role in a website’s success. With the Directory website you can customize URLs of your website.

How to customize URLs in the Directory theme?

To change the permalinks navigate to Tevolution >> Settings >> Permalinks settings.

City base in category pages : With this you can determine if you want the city base in the category page url. The URLs with city base appear like http:/mydirectory.com/city/new-york/health-medical/

Listings category base : Enabling this will add a listing category base in the URL. http:/mydirectory.com/city/new-york/health-medical/. The “health-medical” is the listing category base in this URL. This option allows you to remove the base or to change it.

Listings Tag base : Enabling this will add a listing tag base in the URL. This option allows you to remove the tag base or to change it.

Listing base : This will add the listing base in the URL of the website. The URL will appear like http://demo.templatic.com/directory/city/new-york/listing/chelsea-skin-and-laser/. You can remove or change the base.

Author base :  You can remove or edit the author base from here.

City base : This is to add or remove the city base in URL.


URL is one of the most important characteristic that can be used to enhance the SEO opportunities for your website. You may like to e customize the URLs of the website to make your web pages more accessible to the bots.