The fields of the submission form in the directory theme is vital because it decides the quality of the submission the user do. The submission form has the following fields active by default. These fields are the most important and basic one’s that are required for displaying the details of a listings so that the viewers are not confused and provided with the required information

The default submission fields

The following are the default submission fields that are available on the submission form of any post type:

Title : This specifies the title of the post.

Categories : Select the category to which the post belongs.

Content : The description for the post.

Excerpt : the excerpt to be shown on the category page.

City selection fields

Address : The address of the listing.

Map type : From here you can select the map type. You can select from road map, terrain map, Satellite map, and Street map.

Select Country, State and City : These drop downs allows you to select the County, State and City for the listing.

Image upload : Here the users can upload an image for the post. The first image uploaded here will be shown as a thumbnail for the post on the category page.

Business logo : The users can upload their business logo here.

Business hours : The timings for the availability of the listing.

Video : If the user wants to upload any video pertaining to the listing.

Contact fields

Phone : The phone number to contact the listing owner.

Facebook : To connect to the face book account of the listing owner.

E-mail address : The e-mail address of the listing owner.

Twitter : Twitter account address of the listing owner.

Apart from this default fields, more custom fields can be added to it. To know how to add new fields to the submission form refer this document.


These fields that come by default in the submission form are the one’s that are very important for it. These fields cover most of the vital information required for the listings.