The Directory WordPress theme is a location based theme that allows to submit listings based on location. Everything in the Directory is location based, therefore it is very important for the website to provide maps for individual listings. So there is detail page map in the directory website.

Detail page map tab

The detail page of the Directory website will contain a map that will show a marker on the address listed in the listing. This will help the visitor to locate the listing on the map. A map is a great way to display the address.

The Map on the detail page will also let the users to get directions. The users need to enter their location, and then press the get direction button and all the navigational routes and markings will appear on the map.

To know more about the navigation and get direction facilities, click here.

To disable the map tab on the detail page, navigate to Dashboard >> Tevolution >> Settings >> Detail page settings >> Turn off the Enable map tab.

After disabling the map tab, you can integrate the detail page map widget into the detail page.

Detail page map widget

The detail page map widget is a simple widget that can be placed in the detail page. Set the detail page map height and the map will start showing the address location of the listing.


There’s a website called where there are the listings for the local businesses. A visitor comes to the website to view a business details. He can use the map tab or the map widget to get the location.