The Detail Pages Below Content widget is a full width content holder that comes before the footer and beneath the content of the Detail page. This will be a static content holder that will be displayed on all the detail pages. It can be used to display advertisements, or some message or related images using the text widget.
This section can be used as a pre-footer for the detail pages. Any full width widget or even sidebar widget will work well in this section.

Supported Widgets

    • Categories
    • Pages
    • T – Recent comments
    • T – Advanced search
    • T – browse by category,tags
    • T- flickr photos
    • T – in the neighborhood
    • T – Instant search
    • T – Listing owner
    • T – Popular post
    • T – Login box
    • T- search by miles
    • T – recent reviews
    • T – Testimonials
    • T – Social media
    • T – Twitter feed.