The Directory theme can be used as a parent theme by its child themes. There are numerous themes that can work over the top of the Directory Platform. These child themes are there to provide the theme with a new look and some few additional features. There are child themes with specific subject.

For example : Eventum theme based on events, Classified child theme to use the directory base for making a classified website, Cuisine theme for making a cuisine directory for a place, Travel to make a travel directory, etc.
Subject oriented child themes like HomeQuest, Classifieds, Cuisine, etc can be used to create a subject oriented website without much hassle.
Templatic keeps actively working on developing new child themes for Directory.

Installing and activating Directory child theme

Easy install : With Easy Install you can easily install Directory, its child themes and all the plugins with one click.
Normal install : When you have separate files for both the parent as well as child themes, you can use this method. Upload both the theme files by Appearance >> Themes >> upload new. When both the themes are uploaded successfully, activate only the Child theme and NOT THE DIRECTORY THEME. With this steps, your theme will be activated successfully.


Being a Directory WordPress theme owner you can opt for one of the many child themes it offers. For a classic business Directory, have the business Directory theme, For cuisine theme choose the cuisine theme, For a marketplace – choose a Classified Directory, For a jobs, jobsDirectory and for events- Eventum. These child theme relies on the features of the powerful Directory platform and the design of their own.
Eventum theme comes with the post types that allows the submission of Events, Jobs with the submission of Job post type.

Directory Child theme template

We also offer a directory child theme template. This theme has its own purpose. It does not override the design of the parent Directory theme, but can be used for a specific purpose.
The theme can be used when you go for customizations. Because when you update a customized theme, the changes will be lost. To retain the customization, you will can create a child theme and make the customization in it. Templatic provides a free Child theme template that you can use to make customizations.
To know how to use this template click here.