With the use of Facebook and Twitter, the popularity of the idea to provide everything on one page has increased. With the infinite scroll the user just needs to keep scrolling down and new content will keep on loading.

How is infinite scroll useful?

Generally, when we have number of items to display or too much content the content is divided among different pages by pagination or “next page” links. The users click on them and wait for a new page to load. The infinite scroll is a facility where the users won’t have to press any such link for the new content. All he needs to do is to scroll down. The point where the content is over, a loading sign will be shown to indicate that new content is being loaded.

When pagination is used instead of infinite scroll, if user wants to view some content from previous page he will have to press back and let move to the previous page. But with infinite scroll, to access the previous content, all that needs to be done is to scroll up. There are many advantages of this feature.

Integrate the Infinite scroll facility in your Directory website

Infinite Scroll is a plugin that can be used with Directory website to integrate the facility into the Directory pages. This plugin is available in WordPress plugin store for free and very easy to integrate.

To know more and download this plugin click here.


A directory website will contain number of listings. With Infinite scrolls all your listings can be presented on a single page and users won’t have to navigate using the pagination to different pages to access other listings. Listings will keep on loading as the user keeps on scrolling.