If you wish to display a list of your authors on the sidebar of your Directory website pages, it is possible by the Display Author widget. Certain authors on your website will have their own followers. The followers would like to know about their favorite authors and visit their page and view their listings. This widget will also give the users a brief idea about who posts on the website.

Setting up the T – Display Authors widget

This widget, like any other widget can be found at Appearance >> Widgets. Drag and drop the widget into the desired widget area and configure the following fields.

Title – Set a title for the content to be displayed by the widget.

Select role – Select the role of the authors to be displayed.

Number of posts to display : The number of authors to be displayed by the widget.

This can be used to display the popular authors on the website. This is because the authors will be sorted based on their number of listings. The widget can be placed in the sidebars of the pages.

Clicking on the author name will take the visitors to the Author page. The author page will show the author details and the posts by that author.