The Directory theme is full of display widgets that can be used to display the latest posts and listings on various pages. There are specific widgets which will let you set what kind of posts and of what post type and categories would you like to see on the webpages. Using these widgets you can display posts with brief details clicking on which will lead to the detail page of the post.

T – Homepage Display Posts

This widget is specially designed to present a list of the posts on the home page.

Title -Set a title for the posts displayed by the widget.

View all link – The link to which the view all button will navigate. Generally, this will be the category page of the selected post type.

View all text – Set text like “See more”, “read more”, “View all”, here.

Number of posts –  The number of posts to be displayed by this widget.

View –  You can choose wheter you want to display the posts in list view or as a grid.

Post type –  Select the post type of the posts to be shown by this widget

Categories – From here you can select multiple categories of the post type to be shown

T – Display Posts

Another widget is available to display posts whose use is not limited to the homepage. This is the T – Display Posts widget.

Title – Set a title for the content to be displayed by this widget.

Select Post type – Select the post type of which the posts will displayed by this widget.

Select the category – All the categories of each post type will be displayed here. Select the one you want.

Number of posts – Enter the number of posts to be displayed by this widget.

Order by – Select how you want the posts to be sorted by Date, Title, ID, Comment count, or Random.

Sort Order – Specify the sort order Ascending or Descending.

Show Author Gravatar settings – Here all the settings if the Author Gravatar are to be shown,

Show featured image – Enabling this will show the featured image on the side of the post.

Image Size – Determine the size of the image to be displayed.

Show post title – Enabling this will show the title of the post in the widget.

Content type – To set the content type to be shown by the display widget . Show content limit will allow you to set words limit after which the read more link will be shown.

Popular posts

Title: You can set the title to appear above the popular posts of the website.

Select Post Type: Here, you have to select the post type of which the popular posts will be displayed.

Total number of posts : The number of posts to be displayed by the widget.

Shows post as per view counting/comments: Here you can select the criteria based on which the popularity of posts will be determined.

Total views : based on the total number of views of the posts.

Daily views: based on the per day views of the post.

Comments: based on the recent comments.

Pagination after: Selecting before post will display view more before the posts while selecting after post will display the posts first and a view more link after it.